Shed elk antlers- HUGE- how do i......?????

Submitted by that deer woman on 3/6/1999. ( )

I recently purchased a huge set of shed elk antlers and would like to mount them on a cape, but have them be detachable as well. The bases on the rosettes measure 13 and 12.5 inches. Whats my best course of action and how in heck do i proceed with this!!!!!?????
Please email me with tips as i haven't had much time to get on here lately.

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Me to

This response submitted by John C on 3/6/1999. ( )

I have a skull plate from Research (Given to me be a very nice Person) I am renforcing the plate with additional layers of Glass and resin till it is filled 100%.

Then I will use square key stock. I bolt the skull plate down, drill a hole and fiberglass the key stock into place.

Next I will drill a hole into the antler.

Wax the key stock. Fill the antler catylized with Glass and resin. Place the antler over the key stock, and HOLD till cured.

This will make the antler removable.

You may have to do some epoxy work on the burr to get the correct fit. Hope this helps.

Good luck John C

check out Breakthrough

This response submitted by Bill on 3/7/1999. ( )

Gary Bowen just did a very simple method in his latest article. I just figured that EVERYONE gets Breakthrough!!!

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