elk remount with original cape

Submitted by Rob on 3/6/1999. ( )

I have my first elk that I harvested and mounted ten years ago as a beginner.The mount is ok for back then but not up to todays ability.Can I remount it using the original cape?I know I could use a replacement cape but that would ruin the sentimental value of the hunt and mount.I have spoken with the tannery that tanned it,they said the hide should hold up without any problems.Do you think the hide will have taken a set shape to the mannikin.I would like to use a different mannikin.If I try it and it doesn't work I will just mount the antlers.I don't believe the hidepaste used back then will be a problem. Any ideas or suggestions?Thanks in advance.

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Dont bet on the remount

This response submitted by John C on 3/7/1999. ( )

Ok its possible but don't bet on it.

The reason is the tan may have some or a lot of dry rot. If you are a very expereianced taxidermist go for it and never give up. I recently mounted a 6 year old tan on a rREED BUCK it really was trash but, I was very determined and now it looks pretty darn good. The old tan maybe softened by placing in a barrell of water with, RITTELS RELAXER it is your best bet.

John C

Going for it

This response submitted by Rob on 3/7/1999. ( )

I am experienced and I do have more determination than normal because this is personal.I would try and talk a customer into a new cape and tell them a new cape would be cheaper anyhow.Regardless of what the tannery told me I am concerned about dry rot or acid rot like you said.That was the reason I called them to start with.I'm going to go ahead and try it soon.Since it is my own and I'm really not proud enough of it to show anybody ,I have nothing to lose and all to gain.
Thanks again,

Call Bruce Rittel First

This response submitted by John C on 3/8/1999. ( )

I would call Bruce for his knowledge. Go for it....

I lost

This response submitted by Rob on 3/9/1999. ( )

I resoaked the mount in some relaxer till pliable again.After unstitching, the neck and shoulder area removed easily.The thin face was another story.Reminded me of wet toilet paper.It would tear almost by looking at it..I guess 10 years in the upstairs of a storage building did its toll.Oh well,I still have the antlers.Maybe this is a good reason to book another hunt out west again.I believe the condition of storage is important to the outcome of a project like this.Had it been stored in a controlled environment I think the results might have been better.

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