Corsican horn removal

Submitted by Rob on 3/9/1999. ( Flyfshrob@aol )

Just recieved a Cosican ram and a Merino ram. Do I need to boil the horns off the same way you would on an antelope or is there another way?

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Remove the horns

This response submitted by Jerry S on 3/9/1999. ( )

Hi, Rob. Any horned animal needs to have the horns removed from the cores before mounting them. If you don't the tissue inside the horns will rot. I do several Corsicans a year and have equal success with submerging the horns in a tub of water for about a week or putting them in a black garbage bag and sitting it out in the sun for a few days. Either way, the horns should loosen and come off easily. Jerry

Boiling can darken the horns

This response submitted by Perry on 3/9/1999. ( )


Boiling can darken the horns. I rot the horns off the cores not only
for sheep but for fresh antelope and goats as well. Check the other threads,
I know this was covered in detail in game heads or lifesize.


This response submitted by Janie on 3/10/1999. ( )

If they,ll fit putting in the microwave for a few minutes will take
them off. I did this with buffalo horns and it worked. worked on antelope
too.May take up to 5 minutes or longer you will also usually hear a


This response submitted by Jerry S on 3/11/1999. ( )

I was looking through an old issue of Breakthrough today and it said that if you have to explain to your spouse why there was an antelope head in the microwave . . . you might be a taxidermist!! All in fun, Janie ;-) Jerry


This response submitted by Janie on 3/12/1999. ( )

Ain,t it the truth Jerry lo! If the kids come in and ask Mom whats
for supper and you have deer antlers boiling in pot on stove...
you might be a taxidermist!!

careful in the microwave

This response submitted by TERRY on 3/16/99. ( )

Careful microwaving sheep horns. I personally use this method,works great.
TIPS 5-7min.
drill 2 holes in back of horn sheath near tip..
if you dont, sometimes they swell up like a balloon on the tips..
After reasembly,use a little allgame to fill holes,touch up with air brush..

Still won't come off.

This response submitted by Rob on 5/10/99. ( )

Thanks for your suggestions. I boiled the Merino's horns and after about 10 mins. they came right off. The corsican is another story. I tried boiling them for about an hour and a half ( over about 3 days checking them every 5 mins.) they didnt even wiggle. So I put them in water for 2 weeks. Still nothing. They now have been in a bag outside for about 2 weeks and won't come off. They won't fit in the Microwave so thats out. I drilled 2 holes in the back prior to bioling them. Any thing else to Try????? More holes ect.??

Thanks again


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