First open mouth elk

Submitted by Rattus on 3/26/99. ( )

I'm starting on my first open mouth elk. I'm using a full sneak form from Research with a slight open mouth. I need some pointers on how to tuck/deal with the lips. Do I cut a slot for the lips before attaching the upper jaw to the form? Also, do i paint the whole mouth interior before mounting. With the slight opening it will be hard to get to after its assembled. Any pointers are much appreciated.

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check out...

This response submitted by perry on 3/26/99. ( )

Check out the thread airbrushing open mouth bears in the lifesize catagory,
it has comments from myself as well as yoxy and others.

Elk Mouth "Interior" Details by Harvey Mohr and "Mohr Jaws"

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 3/26/99. ( )

Rattus, this is your lucky day!

Harvey Mohr of Mohr Jaws has developed a set of Elk "Palpillae". This is the detail on the inside of the elks' mouth, as it is in deer, cattle, antelope, virtually all ruminants.

In the past, this structure needed to be created by hand, one tiny detail at a time! But now, it is a simple matter to install these realistic and detailed inserts on either side of the elk jawset in the open mouth of the mannikin.

There they are assembled to the jawset with Mohr's "JAW JUICE", an advanced adhesive designed for the express purpose of securing the soft rubber tongue to the hard plastic of the jawset! It will therefore, work just as well securing the palpillae inserts to the interior mouth of the mannikin as well as the jawsets themselves.

As needed, there is a left side and a right side -- of course. They should be on the market very soon, but call Mohr Products for information.

Hope this helps you out, as well as anyone else out there.

Good luck to all... John Bellucci

Thanks, but about the lip slot?

This response submitted by Rattus on 3/30/99. ( )

That open mouth bear thread was helpful and I'll probably try the palpillea that John recommended. I'm still not sure if I should cut a slot in the form to tuck the lip or glue it down on the inside of the form's lip. Breakthrough had an article a while back about doing an open mouth javaline where you cut a slot right along the "crest" of the lip,tuck the lip skin into that slot and then use a little filler to smooth the union when dry. I guess the other way would be to just glue and pin the lip skin over and into the inside of the form's lip. Then blend that union with filler. Suggestions?

That''ll Work!

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 3/30/99. ( )

Hey Rattus,

You can create that tucking slot for the lips... just be sure that the details of the mouth (lips) are all in the right places: ie, the lip-ridge, the hair-line, etc.

The use of the Mohr inserts for the Elk mouth, vrtually eliminate the need for the inner lip skin to be put to use on the inside of the mouth.

As always... USE REFERENCES when you do any work on any specimen. Best of luck to you.

got it done

This response submitted by Rattus on 6/1/99. ( )

Thanks for the advice I got here, I finished my first open mouth elk mount and won a second place ribbon at the Idaho show. I'm still pretty new to taxidermy and competition, so I was pleased to get the second in the open division. Shooting for that blue next year!

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