Mounting an Elk with Shed Connecters Help

Submitted by Ron Stoller on 4/8/99. ( )

I am mounting an Elk using shed antlers, I have them fastened to The connecters and that was slick, my question however, what would be the best way to build up the Pedical and for fastening the cape to it.
Has anyone got an idea or done one? Thanks

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casting pedicals

This response submitted by Jeff on 4/17/99. ( )

Ron I think if you scroll back you will find a posting on this anyway just simply cast and pour a new skull cap the only hitch is you need an origional.If you dont you will have to buy some one elses reproduction I can sell you one for 20.00 plus freight or check your suppliers I do belive research sells one if you have an orig. use pour a mold and pour a kast or whwat ever brand you choose and pour your own its easy if you need more help e-mail me. hope this helps.

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