Repro Antler Molding and Casting Articles... FOUND!!

Submitted by John Bellucci on 2/2/1999. ( )

For all who have e-mailed me, requesting the Eric Carter and Larry Bloomquist articles on antler molding and casting to produce reproduction sets of antlers -- there is good news and "bad" news.

The good news is... I have finally found the 3-ring binder holding these articles. I'm glad because trying to find this binder has been driving me absolutely NUTZ!!

Now for the "bad" news... well it's not really all THAT bad! Rather than making copies for everyone requesting these articles - I don't have the time or inclination - I will give you all here, the magazine issues they were originally printed in. Obtaining them is then up to you.

The first article, by Eric Carter, is from "Taxidermy Today" -- Fall, 1994... pages 18 to 25. The second article, by Larry Bloomquist, is from "Breakthrough Magazine" -- Issue #38, Fall 1994... pages 36 to 41.

Both articles are covered somewhat in the latest "Breakthrough Magazine" -- Issue #54, Winter 1998... pages 9 to 11 (similar to the Eric Carter article); and pages 41 to 46 (a "sequel" to the Larry Bloomquist article).

I hope this information will assist all those wishing to attempt this somewhat costly but statisfying procedure, track down these very good articles.

Good luck to all... John B.

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Now Now... There There... Calm Down

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 2/4/1999. ( )

Listen, I just wanted to make sure that ANYONE and EVERYONE who is looking for this information was able to find it. I cannot BEGIN to tell you how many requests I've recieved from folks wanting those articles.

For the past several months, I've been scouring the grounds of our house and my studio looking for these things. After we moved, a lot of stuff got misplaced. It's been like the quest for the Holy Grail!!

So excuse me if I indulge in spreading some good news... GEEEEZ! :)

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