Stag (ciervo colorado) field preservation questions

Submitted by John Smeltzer on 2/8/1999. ( )

I'm currently working in Argentina and will be hunting European Stag in about four weeks. Looking for any advice somebody may have on preservation tips that will preserve the cape for four to five months. I am leaning towards a full upright mount. I have visited a few of the locally recommended taxidermists and the quality is less than stellar to be polite. As such, I would prefer to have the mount done in the States but will not be returning until July. I would appreciate any recommendations or hearing from anybody interested in completing the mount.

Concerning completion of the mount, I don't want to sound abrupt but I need a professional job as this will be a present to my father who is too ill to attend the hunt this year. Thanks in advance.

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Loaded Question

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 2/9/1999. ( )

John, asking if someone wants to mount your stag on this forum is about like throwing raw meat in with a bunch of hungry dogs! My guess is, you've probably already been contacted by several directly to your E-Mail. If not, here's a few suggestions.

There are a lot of excellent taxidermists all accross the country, but there's a lot more, shall we say, not so excellent ones. If you know the area of the country you will be in when you return to the states, I would start by checking with taxidermists there.

As far as your cape goes, just make sure the outfitter gets it properly prepared and salt dried, with a fine grain, preferably table grade, salt. You would assume they would know how to handle a skin, but this isn't always true. I would also suggest you have the cape and antlers shipped to some one in the states, possibly your father, for storage until you return. The cape will need to be stored in a cool, dry environment until you make your decision on who you will have do your mount. Good luck on your hunt, Keith

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