Antelope hide.

Submitted by Tom Seekins on 1/10/1999. ( )

I am a begginer taxidermist and I have only done one antelope, but have two on my wall that others have done. I have noticed that over time the hair tends to fall out of the mount? Why is this and is there something that I can use or do to prevent this in the future?

Tom Seekins

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All 3?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/16/1999. ( )

Tom, I'm not sure that you're saying that only your Antelope is losing hair, or all 3 are? Something that would help, would be how were they tanned too! Antelope hair is brittle, but hanging on a wall hardly would give it reason to snap off to any aggravating degree. No, its not normal - especially on mounts. Sorry, but thats all I can contribute concerning Antelope hair.

Antelope hair

This response submitted by Russ on 2/14/1999. ( )

Antelope hair can be a major problem. The biggest reason I can figure about why the hair is falling out is because of the way it was tanned or handled prior to tanning. Just be sure hides in the future are not held in plastic bags prior to tanning. The plastic holds the heat in and allows bacteria to grow at an accelerated rate which can cause damage to the hide (hair slippage etc.) You might try some of the "Stop Slip" products on the market. These products only help if the hair is "loose" yet still in the leather. Good luck.

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