Sika eyes

Submitted by Curt on 2/11/1999. ( )

What color eye does a Sika have? Is the size about 24 or 26mm?
Thanks, Curt

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Hey Curt

This response submitted by Bob c on 2/11/1999. ( )

Curt , I use to have a sika buck for a pet until a neighbors cousin left the door open on his pen. Cant blame the kid though, he is a little bit of a slow learner. But anyway, getting back to your original question. Sikas vary in size so much from cross breeding with the different species of sika , red stag and even elk. I've heard of 200 lb japanese sikas shot in Texas. I'm sure they are not pure bread though. So basicly what I'm saying is to buy a couple of different sizes, and use the one that fits the righ form. Oh, by the way the color of their eyes is dark brown. Darker than the eyes of a whitetail. Hope this info helped you out a little bit. Bob C

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