snort, snort

Submitted by Clayton on 2/19/1999. ( )

What do yall use to get a life like appearence under the hair of a hog? I used an airbrush and it made it look fake. Maybe I didnt do it right but there has got to be a more realistic way to do it. Also this hog has has 2 different color skin pigments kind of like a Dalmation but not as many spots and he doesnt have a thick coat.
Thanks, Clayton

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Fun, Aint they !!

This response submitted by Bob C on 2/20/1999. ( ************ )

Hey Clayton, How've you been ? Those feral pigs are a pain to color. I try to do as little coloring as possible. When I do color them I like to use leather dye thinned down with alcohol and sprayed with an airbrush. Just go light and gradually build up to the color you like. Hope this helped out some. Bob C


This response submitted by Terry on 3/16/99. ( )

Go to auto.-paint store ask to see colors available in leather apholstery dye.usually will have very large selection.
My personal faves are saddle tan, mocha, camel black.
Get it in spray cans. spray lightly , try to spray against grain of hair.this helps keep of the hair.
This dye works very well on hides,but wipes rite off hair.this is good if you get a little overspray on hair.
Another advantage
Dye soaks in, paint is only on the surface,ands gets scuffed very easily..
Give it a try.....

Try This

This response submitted by Andy on 4/25/99. ( )

Try using lifetone waterbase paints. Thin with water, 10 parts water to 1 part paint, give or take. Mix and match your paints to match your hog. Brush onto the skin with a stiff bristled toothbrush, with the direction of the hair. The paint will soak into the skin like a dye. As it begins to dry brush again working the paint into all the nook and crannies. When it is throughly dry finish it off with a light spray of clear satin. LOOKS GREAT!!!

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