WD40 on antlers ?

Submitted by Jack Davis on 2/19/1999. ( jldavis@cwv.net )

I have heard to apply WD 40 to my mounted deer antlers...Has anyone heard of this before ?
Does anyone aplpy anything to their antlers ?

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Furniture Spray Polish

This response submitted by John Mellis on 2/21/1999. ( JMellis@aol.com )

When I finish my Deer Heads I like to spray Pledge or some other high quality furniture spray on a rag or paper towel, then wipe down the entire mount antlers and all. This leaves a low luster sheen on the hair and antlers. Looks good and keeps mounts fresh looking. I share this with my customers so that when they dust they can easily wipe down their mounts.

Good as Gold

This response submitted by Dean on 2/22/1999. ( MrWhytail@aol.com )

Jack, my antler finish is just like Johns I use Liqiud Gold furniture polish.I just apply it to a rag, actually I have a rag thats pretty saturated with it,then I wipe them down before the customer picks up his mount.

WD40 shines up the fur

This response submitted by Janie on 2/25/1999. ( )

ON the anlers i use boiled linseed oil thinned with turpentine. I use
WD40 to spray on the hair gives a nice sheen to it, just spray on and wipe
wipe down with a rag.

Linseed Oil

This response submitted by Rattus on 3/1/1999. ( )

I use boiled linseed oil on antlers and horns. I rub it on with my hands, then wipe off excess with a rag. Then I'll use lemon Pledge on the rest of the mount and wipe off with a rag. I recommend this to my customers and have learned it from a few folks who do well in competitions. The linseed picks up the dust out of crevaces and restores their overall look. It also makes antelope horns look nice and dark again.

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