Whitetail Head Exchange

Submitted by Chuck on 2/11/1999. ( foxkids@frontiernet.net )

I was wondering if anyone knows of a supplier that would have exchange head forms for whitetails. The tricky part is that I need a head phleming. I thought it might be easier to change the head rather than modify it. The form size is 8x22. I wasn't able to find a phleming shoulder form in that size. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Very Much, Chuck

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I hate to type it, but

This response submitted by Perry on 2/15/1999. ( pgk@ncentral.com )


That is a monster head!!! I'm afraid you is gonna have to work
with what you got. I don't recall any such replacement parts or change
out heads in any catalogs. Maybe that is something that yoxy could talk
brad epply into whipping up, along with mule deer replacement noses.
what do ya say Bill?

yeah, he's big

This response submitted by Chuck on 2/16/1999. ( )

Perry, Thanks for the feedback. It is a monster head. A nice 10 pointer with a 23 and a half inch spread. I just wish I was the one that shot it. Anyway guess I'll get busy modifying the form.


This response submitted by Bill on 2/17/1999. ( )

he did make one for a big deer but its currently "unavailable" its a long story...

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