Seeking Longhorn tips

Submitted by Russ on 2/14/1999. ( )

Hello, I have been in Taxidermy now for about six years and am now doing my first Longhorn Steer. The fellow who brought him into my shop wants the horns "smoothed out." He wants them to look like they have never been rubbed on a fence or post. The ends are chipped whith some material missing. The bases are gouged and worn from rubbing. I would like see if their is a way to get them to a nice smooth point or if I am going to have to leave them natural. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you want. Thanks, Russ <>

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Old mexico

This response submitted by John C on 2/15/1999. ( )

I quoted one last week, I simply told them, I would not do that, because of the man hours it would take, addition 50 to 60 hours do they have $500.00 to polish the horns alone? Cash up front because there is no gaurrenty on how they will come out. You can not control what this bull did to those horns. Good luck John C

maybe its just me..but...

This response submitted by Leanna on 2/15/1999. ( )

I think gouged up bases, broken tipped tines, etc., tell a pretty cool story about the creature who beholds them! I like to "talk up" these battle scars with my customers and you can just see the pride in their faces thinking of what an "attitude" their trophy must have had, and realize this is just part of the mounts personality. And then there are the people who still want it "fixed"!!! Sorry I didnt help out with your dilema. Guess I needed to vent. I just like the real thing.
PS. I'm not "venting" AT anyone, just adding a probably unnecesary opinion!

Thank you

This response submitted by Russ on 2/21/1999. ( )

Thank you for your responses. I plan on talking to my customer about the time and money factor involved. Yet I am still wondering how I would do it. I have given thought to wet sanding, or just layers of varnish. Any tips? Thanks again, Russ.

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