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Submitted by Shane on 2/23/1999. ( )

I'm trying to get the true color to the nose of a dall sheep that I just mounted. It's a off white color but I just can't seem to get it to look right. It is either to white or to yellowish. Can anyone give me any suggestions? Thanks Shane

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This response submitted by Bill on 2/23/1999. ( )

Shane, unless Im misunderstanding you, the exposed membranes of the nose and nostril is almost black.


This response submitted by PHIL on 2/25/1999. ( TAXI0085@AOL.COM )

WOODY, MINE WAS OFF WHITE WITH A LITTLE black on the right an left upper corners also in the middle but not black at the bottom sort of off white an a dull pink or lite flesh color. hope it will help you.Now trying to find how to get hornes off this an 4 other rams please help me also.e-mail me or call (252)-827-5001 before 5:00 p.m. est

Shane, are you talking inside the nostril or the outer nose?

This response submitted by Bill on 2/26/1999. ( )

did you mean the colors inside the nostrils? Dont forget we are not painting them the color of the dead one in front of you...


This response submitted by Bill on 2/26/1999. ( )

I wonder if you are talking about a dall sheep or those "exotics" that guys refer to as "texas dalls" , quite a different animal to be sure. I have a feeling this is the problem!!!

Exotic Dall Sheep

This response submitted by Shane on 2/27/1999. ( )

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I't is a exotic dall. The outer color of the nose pad is what I am looking for. Any suggestions


This response submitted by Bill on 2/27/1999. ( )

that threw me for a bit...Those animals are known as ramoulettes and about every other name you can think of. They are about as close to a dall as I am! Just a selling gimmick for those who shoot them. I have done them and have one here now from New Zealand if you can believe it. I paint the nose an off fleshy color and let it blend back into the hairline. It looks natural if you like those stinky critters!

Worked Great

This response submitted by Shane on 3/1/1999. ( )

Bill, It worked out great. It all blended in to the natural color. Best of all, the customer fell in love with the mount.Thanks for the quick tip, It really helped. These exotics that i have been getting are beggining to drive me crazy.... I guess it is the new vacation gettaway from the wifes. Cheap,affordable, and within driving distance. They are coming in like hotcakes. Everything from marino rams to those ugly emu's. Again thank you Bill you have helped me out more times than I can thank you.

Shane-you're welcome...

This response submitted by Bill on 3/2/1999. ( )

...although I was wrong in my lumping all those animals under the name of ramulettes, etc. Bob C was telling me more about them, such as the white corsican and others. He may pop in here to clarify, but as we said your rams colors are fleshy.

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