Lipless moose

Submitted by Rattus on 2/23/1999. ( )

Just got a Canada moose cape back from the tannery. My client's guide caped and salted the cape, so I wasn't able to inspect it very well before shipping it to the tannery. Anyway, it has practically no lip to tuck into a slot! The guy who caped it cut the lips right at the hair line. Same story with the nostrils, but that is easily delt with. How can I manage to tuck lips when there just isn't any tissue there to tuck? Desperate for suggestions.

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This response submitted by Bill on 2/23/1999. ( )

Try this. Shave the muzzle going down towards the lip edge thats missing, but dont cut the shaving off, leave it as a continuous piece and use this as a makeshift inner lip for tucking. It wont be as strong so you will want to pin the edge along the line until dry. And yes it does work, Ive done it TOO MANY times!!!


This response submitted by Valentin Potchekansky,Bulgaria on 2/28/1999. ( )

Hey Bill,
you are a really a great man and full of tips.I'd liked this one!
Thank you!

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