Boar Head Mannikin

Submitted by Carl on 2/25/1999. ( )

I am about to receive a Russian Boar Head to mount. The Boars from the ranch here are really large. The nose to eye measurements are longer than any I have seen listed in any catalogue I have.
I am looking for a shoulder mannikin with a nose to eye length of about 11 - 11 1/2 inches. would anyone know of a company that has a really large Boar shoulder mannikin?

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This response submitted by Bob C on 2/26/1999. ( )

Carl, There are a couple of Co. out there that cary large boar forms. WASCO has a real nice Russian boar form up to 12 in. Noonkesters also has some up to 12 in. but are more heaver headed like a feral hog. WASCO also sells this line of forms. I also believe that Buckeye has 1 or 2 large forms. Bob C


This response submitted by Carl on 2/26/1999. ( )

Some years back I sent for a WASCO catalog and they told me they didn't ship to canada. I wonder if that has changed as of yet?
I have a catalog from BM Sports who carry many WASCO products but
they don't list anything that large.
Thanks for the ideas !!!

Have a great day!

Canada Shipping

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 2/26/1999. ( )


Yes, WASCO does ship to Canada and has for many years. The only thing we can't ship to Canada is hazardous materials. Call us at 1-800-334-8012 (toll-free from Canada) and we'll set you up with the best wild boar system available anywhere!

I do 200 boar mnts. a year

This response submitted by Terry on 3/16/99. ( )

Wild boar mnts. are my meat and potatoes so to speak. I have tried about all forms. In my oppinion buckeye makes the best, most realistic boar forms,and have some larger sizes.they also have offset shoulder forms that look great.Also have close mouthed boar forms that look excellant....

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