The Sitatunga is mounted

Submitted by John C. on 2/27/1999. ( )

Well people after hour and hour of sculpting, fitting, resculpting, and refitting well you get the picture. My Sitatunga is mounted and drying. Nasty stringy fur, no pretty markings, ears that were not turned, the night mare we all dream about. Its up and drying. It will not win any show, but I may just take it so BILL can judge it. No references are available 8). I wish I sold it to BOB C now. What a learning experience.

Good night John C

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I'll give it a 90...

This response submitted by Bill on 2/27/1999. ( )

...sight unseen. I hear I just make up the numbers as I go along anyway! Glad to hear its almost done, JC.

I will take that 90

This response submitted by John C on 2/28/1999. ( )

WHy shot, I will take it Bill. Way back when (I judged) I alway carried that can of whoop A$$ just in case. Did I tell you about having to leave the hotel out the basement. There was this big boy, now when I say big, I weighed about 250- 260 at the time. I tell ya BUBBA was huge. But he had a fatal flaw, he carried his brains in a bucket. Any body going to SRTC in Memphis? Johnny boy

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