How To Preserve Velvet - Help Please

Submitted by Dan Shumway on 2/27/1999. ( )

HI Guys,

I will start out saying I am not a taxidermist (although I have a young
"wannabe" in the house). I need help on this one. I have posted in all the
hunting places and have come up with the most unbelievable stuff. I finally
started searching and found this place. After spending an hour reading posts
- I have to say, you guys are way ahead of the nasty "cutthroat" postings
found elseware. My question is simple - I have a hunt coming up for Caribou
in August and my wife likes the velvet on look for a shoulder mount.

I need to know what I can do on my end to make sure I get the best mount
to the taxidermist. I've heard everything from injecting with alcohol or
formaldihyde to soaking in Kerosene for 3 weeks. Please help me out with this.

I know probably none of you guys will be getting the work but I would
appreciate knowing the proper care I need to give this.

Thanks In Advance,


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This response submitted by KNOBLOCHS on 2/28/1999. ( )

Dan, I have just what you need, it's called Antler in velvet tan.
It works very easy and all you would need is just a quart.
You can get it from any one of knoblochs dealers, for the
closest dealer call us at 303-666-9045. You can e-mail
me at the gets injected into a
blood vein and then paint a generous amount on the velvet
then let dry.

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