One of the "old men" needs help!

Submitted by Jerry S on 2/28/1999. ( )

OK, Folks, here's a question that HASN'T been asked yet! I'm doing a buffalo pedestal mount where I'm trying to depict it in a hard turn as if going after something behind it. I'm opening the mouth very slightly and want to have some "slobber" coming out of the mouth for realism (pretty real, huh?). I figure that resin would be the best stuff to use but my question is how to make it look "frothy" and "bubbly" right around the mouth before streaming out to the side. The only idea I can come up with is to try to inject air into the resin just as it starts to set to make bubbles. This seems to sound pretty tough. Anybody else have any ideas? Thanks! Jerry

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This response submitted by leanna on 2/28/1999. ( )

sounds crazy, but could you use a mixer and beat a bunch of air into the resin till its frothy or doesn't it work that way?!!TRYING to help!


This response submitted by John C on 2/28/1999. ( )

Jerry, go to a flea market and get a mixer or at lest the blades to one, Now get some resin gel promoter, Chandlers did sell it. Mix hardner and gel promoter. mix on high. The second gel starts sling it out on foil or wax paper. You may need to a cab-o-sil to help thinken it. John C

Did something like it with a cape buff...

This response submitted by Jeff T. Becker on 2/28/1999. ( )

Jerry, we recently did a cape buff... in a ''slobbering'' look. By mixing a slight amount of cotton with your clear resin, just as I'm sure you've done before in your ice scenes. The effect was convincing and didn't look like a ice flow but rather a frothy flow. Give it a try, it worked for us. Have a nice day!

A Lot of Help but Just a Little More?

This response submitted by Jerry S on 3/1/1999. ( )

Thanks, Gang, for the info. I've done the mixing before to make the frothiness (is that a word?) in a splash scene, but what I would like to get here is some larger bubbles right around the corner of the mouth. That's why I was wondering about the syringe to inject air. I guess I just need to try it on a piece of cardboard to see how it will work. Thanks again! Jerry


This response submitted by Bill on 3/2/1999. ( )

Jerry, every time I've tried that the bubbles collapse when curing. I've tried urethanes and added the slightest amount of moisture for it to react but again the collapse later. Good luck!


This response submitted by keith Daniels on 3/2/1999. ( )

Jerry, this definately isn't my field, but I think Craig Ciola uses the plastic off the eyes, you know what holds them on the cardboard they come on. He cuts them off flat, and places them in his scene and puts a little layer of resin on them, obviously different sizes from different eyes. Keith

Now THAT'S creative!

This response submitted by Jerry S on 3/3/1999. ( )

Bill, thanks for saving me some time. And Keith . . . that may be just the trick! Plus, for smaller bubbles I could use the plastic packing material that you squeeze and pop . . . that opens up a whole new area. Thanks . . . I'll let you know how it works. Jerry

hey what a minute

This response submitted by john c on 3/4/1999. ( )

Hide and Beak supply sells, bubbles. why did you not say thats what you were after.

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