Submitted by GENE S. on 1/22/1999. ( )

Im interested in anyone's thoughts about the prefrences of what type of or what series of eyes any of you use on mule deer,antelope and bighorn sheep? I've been using Tohickon stock #220 for my deer and antelope,but have not tried any of the other types of eyes.

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I like IQ's

This response submitted by Bill on 1/22/1999. ( yoxtax@aol.com )

tohickon's implant quality has the shape and the "look". They are more $ but thats the difference in the work, you know?


This response submitted by Perry on 1/22/1999. ( pgk@ncentral.com )

Up until now, I have been using the IFL eyes. f will probably
switch to IQ, or the new epply eyes this spring when doing my
deer and bear.

I.Q.'s all the way!!

This response submitted by J. T. Becker on 1/22/1999. ( )

Not to repeat Bill Y., in or studio, I. Q. eyes are the choice. The only thing to keep in mind , would be in the case of some african antelope and even pronghorns ,where alot of whites don't show normally, we'll go a size or two larger, to show a more ''bulby'' eye ,with just a hint of your ''whites''. Of course with extreme eye rolls etc, we go with more whites. These eyes, as discussed above just plain have an all around excellant shape!! Thats how we do it,and the ''alive look '' is alot easier to acheive! Note... that word ''bulby'', I think is one of my ''made up'' words. Although, if John B. likes that word,, he'll probably claim it was his word first!!! Man!! I like this.... its so easy to hassle you John,, without being face to face!!

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