boar mount

Submitted by Donna on 1/24/1999. ( )

Can anyone tell me where to get a GOOD video on shoulder mounting a boar? I purchased a seminar tape from WASCO, but it was poorly filmed and you couldn't see the mount, just the instructors back. I was suprised 'cause WASCO's tapes are usually pretty good.

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Boar Video

This response submitted by Shane on 1/24/1999. ( )

There are a lot of them out there, but I found one that I bought a while back that was easy to understand, well demonstrated, and enjoyable to watch. Infact I got the popcorn and soda out for this one. ha, ha, Tom Moore puts a vidio out, I't goes through all the steps from beggining to end. I believe Rinehart Taxidermy has it, try that If not get back to me I'll give you a hand.


Found it

This response submitted by Donna on 1/31/1999. ( )

Hey Shane, I found it. It should be good for that price, but if it's good it's worth it. Thanks a bunch.

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