Preserving cattails

Submitted by Keith Keana on 8/25/00. ( )

What method/material should I use to preserve cattails for waterfowl habitats? Thank you.

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Easy Way!

This response submitted by Ryan P on 8/26/00. ( )

First off, for the seed pods. If you use the real ones, late in the season. They will pop, and you will have a big mess. So to solve this, I used urethane foam, carve it to the size of the pod. Next, rasp it to the shape and size desired. You can texture each pod with a dull blunt edge of a table knife. Clean any loose particles on the pod, then airbrush with Chocolate Brown to the desired color.
For the stem, use the actual stem. First you must take off the old pod with a knife. Cut down the pod and peel off the seeds. Next after all the seeds are gone, sand the area that the pod was original. I then buried the stem and leaves under a couple layers of powdered borax for 5 days.
Then after cleaning the stem and leaves. Insert the stem into the pod, add some real seeds towards teh top to give it a interesting finish.

I hope this makes some sense?!
Ryan P

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