How to Preserve a Bird Nest?

Submitted by Chris on 9/20/00. ( )

I know this may sound odd, but an elderly gentleman wants a birdnest preserved for his wife. She wants to mount it on its side and put a small artificial bird she has in it. A friend explained to him that it would probably last forever if it wasn't messed with, but the gentleman wants it "preserved" so it won't get messed up. Any suggestions? I tried to tell him that most anything you put on it will make it look wet, but I told him I'd ask if any of you experts had a suggestion.

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Bird's Nest

This response submitted by George Roof on 9/20/00. ( )

Go to the Van Dyke's catalog and order a glass dome corresponding to the size of the nest. Place his nest and fake bird appropriately and seal the base with a few spots of epoxy. That way, it'll look natural since it is and it'll look preserved since it will be.

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 9/21/00. ( )

2 products to try are Mod Podge "matte" (yellow label). and elmer's glue.
both those products dry with a flat finish.

I'd take some spare twigs and coat them to determine if the dried product will work for you.(I'd think a light coat would dry ok)

If the finished look is good for your needs, then start on the back of the nest. you can coat the twigs lighter as you get to the front, maybe just using a few strategic drops will "preserve" things good enough.

Hope that helps.


This response submitted by Liz on 9/26/00. ( )

Has anyone told him it's illegal to possess birds, nests, eggs, parts, etc from a migratory bird?


No it's Not ,Liz

This response submitted by Dan on 10/13/00. ( :0 )

As it is Stated,The bird is an Artificial (Fake) Bird and it's Not
a Migratory Bird,But Thanks for the Input anyway.

nothing was said about the nest being from a migratory bird

This response submitted by robby on 10/28/00. ( )

whats up with this . nothing was said about the nest being from a migratory bird. Why do some people always have to bring migratory bird laws into everything?


This response submitted by robby on 10/28/00. ( )

Sorry I didnt do this the last time.
Mix modgepodge and water thin enough to spray it through an atomizer bottle and spray it down.It will dry overnight and be preserved for you.

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