how to build an octagon frame

Submitted by Ray on 03/23/2003. ( )

8 pieces of land scape timber 12" long need to figure out angle of cuts

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This response submitted by ted shipbuilder on 03/23/2003. ( )

45 degrees

Cut each board at.........

This response submitted by Woody on 03/23/2003. ( )

Cut each board on both ends at 22.5 degrees and put together.This will
make your octagon.If you want to make a square frame with 4 boards you cut each board at 45 degrees.If you are using a miter saw you may have positive stops already set up for these angles....GOOD LUCK!

We already did this once

This response submitted by George on 03/23/2003. ( )

And though your miter box may SAY 22.5 degrees, it ain't so. The actual angle is 67.5 degrees. (It's 22.5 degrees off of true vertical or 90 degrees) If you've ever seen the military flag boxes (triangles) the flat portion is cut at 22.5.

Yep . . .

This response submitted by Tony H. on 03/23/2003. ( )

George is right,

The 22.5 is off vertical or if you look at backwards, it's the compliment to 67.5. If you were to measure an octagon angle with a compass, you'd find that it's about 67.5. Now, you can't just cut a 67.5 degree angle because you're matching the angle not creating it. See what I mean?

At any rate, a good tip is to always use some scrap material first and do a test run. Simple 2X4 scraps will work. Just don't "practice" on that land scape timber.


This response submitted by Woody on 03/24/2003. ( )

Like I said just set your saw to 22.5 and cut the need to get all crazy and high tech......sheeeeeesh.Oh and have fun...Bud


This response submitted by Kurt on 03/24/2003. ( )

George is right, it is 22.5° from center (90°), but it could be either 67.5° or 112.5° as well. :) lol! Actually the DeWalt miter saw I have is centered at 90° and the angle would read 22.5° on either side. I hope this helps!


This response submitted by ms on 03/24/2003. ( )

Just set the miter saw at the 22.5 degree positive stop and make your cuts. Don't let all of this other micro management discussion confuse you. It's easy, it's fun, and it'll work out great.

Check the archives!

This response submitted by Russell on 03/26/2003. ( )

I've ALWAYS wanted to say that! CUR did an excellent "documentary" on the EXACT procedure for making an octagon box. Very in-depth and fairly easy to follow. Worth your time to read it. Have a good un'.



This response submitted by ETCC on 03/31/2003. ( )

They have the Plans.


This response submitted by RODNEY FAUGHN on 11/11/2003. ( )

As all have sais 22.5 degree plays the trick but if your using big
beams be careful to mark correct the 1st time all speed sqrs are different but all wil be good enjoy the adventure

bldr patriot log homes

new guy

This response submitted by bj on 12/15/2003. ( )

what about braces for the octagon
I am making an end table and need to know how to connect the pieces

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