Making artificial mud

Submitted by Ryan Lane on 05/14/2003. ( )

I looked up making mud in the archives and people mantioned using polyester resin. Is this the same thing as Fiberglass resin? If not, could I use fiberglass resin the same way? Thanks,Ryan

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Little expensive

This response submitted by George on 05/14/2003. ( )

And it gets even hotter when catalyzing with organic matter. Why not go the cheaper way with Elmer's Glue and ground peat moss?

will it look wet like mud when I'm done

This response submitted by Ryan L. on 05/14/2003. ( )

Ive made dirt like that before and it looked dry when I was done. How do you get it to look wet? Thanks,Ryan

mud pies

This response submitted by mike d on 05/14/2003. ( )

Instead of brushing the glue on and then putting the dirt on
it, mix the dirt and glue togethre first(mud pies!)
Then smear on your base; will dry looking very wet!

Yes it's the same

This response submitted by Raven on 05/14/2003. ( )

Polyester resin is the most readily available type of fiberglassing resin. The stuff you get in the auto repair section will most likely have the wax added into it already that it will need to cure tack free. Simply catalyze it then add dirt and pour it in place. Add lots of dirt and you can trowel it in place. Always be sure to catalyze your resin first then add dirt as it will ensure a uniform mix.

If you want dry dirt - your resin then throw dirt on it and tamp it down slightly. Let it cure then tap off excess. If you want wet - then mixing the dirt into the resin will give you the wet look.

The kind of dirt you use should be dictated by the display you are doing. On a swampy boggy display I use peat moss. If it's for deer tracks on a muddy country road kinda look - use real dirt. All of it is readily available so I just use the kind of dirt from whatever habitat I'm trying to recreate. No amount of coffee grounds is ever going to look as much like dirt - as dirt - so rule that one right out, make sense? Likewise - garden dirt will never look as close to peat moss as peat moss and vice versa.

George was right about the expense; it is a lot pricier than using glue. Trade offs are that it's a lot faster and you don't have to worry about it not drying completely - I've seen people complain about that before. Also know that it smells nasty using that much resin BUT I've never made more real looking dirt or mud than that wirth resin. There's pros and cons to using both - experiment and find what ya like most! Have fun!

Thanks Folks

This response submitted by Ryan L. on 05/14/2003. ( )

I appreciate all the help! Ryan

I Need Some Help

This response submitted by Dan R on 11/06/2003. ( )

I was just wondering, can you use ther types of glue instead of emlers for the artificial mud with peatmoss.


This response submitted by TJ on 01/28/2004. ( )

I found the best results for making a nice shoreline habitat that looks wet,is to mix elmers glue with wal-mart brand cactus soil.It looks beautiful and I usually shape my styrofoam base the way I like it,brush on elmers,then apply the mixed soil on then let dry.I have never had cracks and man does it look good.

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