Creating Icicles and water Splashes

Submitted by Rick on 10/22/1998. ( )

I've heard of a few different ways to make molds for icicles and water splashes. I would like to hear some of yall's opinions for creating molds and making these splashes and pop cycles. excuse me icicles. Thanks, Rick

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Icicles the easy way

This response submitted by Bob Coughlin on 10/23/1998. ( )

Rick, I make my icicles by first draping a piece of cotton where you want the icicle.Then take some clear fiberglass resin with a popcicle stick and apply it to the cotton.I keep the mixing cup below the icicle to catch the resin as it drips off.I usually use a hair drier to hasten the hardening of the resin.Keep pulling the resin up out of the cup and put it at the top of the icicle and let it drip down and off.This produces one of the most realistic icicles I've ever seen. Bob C.


This response submitted by Jerry S. on 10/25/1998. ( )

Hey guys (and ladies). . . . tired of me yet? I gotta tell you this one because it's just too cool! I was at the 97 World Convention and saw Rick Kennair's seminar on habitats. I use to do splashes based on Newmeyer's technique with the resin but Rick showed us how to take a piece of the sheet plastic used for flourescent light fixtures to make splashes (it's called "cracked ice" is is available at most discount lumber houses for about $2.50 for a big sheet). Break off a piece of the plastic and hold it over a heat gun set on high. As the plastic starts to melt, use hemostats or needlenose pliers to grab the edge of the heated area to support it. Just as the plastic starts to liquify, stretch it using the pliers - you'll be amazed how far you can stretch it. Just after you stretch it out, back it off and the plastic will crinkle up. Blow on it for about 5 seconds to cool it and you have an unbelievably real looking splash. Start playing with them - twisting and looping the melted plastic and glue several of these together and it's awesome. I noticed that WASCO had the video for Rick's seminar in their catalogue. Pay attention here . . . IT'S WORTH THE $$ just for this one part!! Hope it helps . . . and just to liven up the "habitat" part of the forums - which tan really is the best? Jerry

Which Tan?

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 10/25/1998. ( )

Well gee, let me see... for large rock bases for African specimens anyway, I like the "Sante Fe" Tan, Fleck-Stone spray-on texturing product. It really imparts a light colored "base" that allows for subtle shadings with the airbrush or "dry-brush" stippling effect. There, how's that?! Is that a good "Tan" answer or what? HA!! :) Keep smiling... John B.

Tanning A Habitat

This response submitted by Rick on 10/26/1998. ( )

So John does the Santa Fe Tan last longer than the dry preserved stones? We just can't let rest can we!

I'm so confused!!

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 10/27/1998. ( )

But . . . aren't stones naturally "dry preserved" anyway?

It All Depends On...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 10/27/1998. ( )

Rocks aren't always dry preserved. As in the case of rocks that are near or in watercourses... they of course are perpetually "water-soaked". Therefore it would serve one much better to go with a tan in the building-up of the color layers... as you see the dry-preservative method will only succeed in producing an unnatural dried white powdery appearance to the surface of the stone! That is not conducive to a natural appearance now is it? You know guys, this almost really sounds like we are seriously debating this issue here. If I left off without this explanation, God only knows where this one might have ended up. Of course I can almost here you two now: "You mean you're not serious John?" HA ha ha ha ha... :) It's good to just play one of these along for a bit, isn't it?

Ha Ha He He

This response submitted by Rick on 10/30/1998. ( )

Quit it, you have my sides hurting, Ha Ha Ha Hee Heee Heeee!
It's great we can have this much fun hundreds of miles away from each other. Imagine if we all got together at a convention? Scary Huh.! It's time for bed, my wifes getting mad.

Ken's hiding under a rock!

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 11/5/1998.

( )

Ken's probably wondering what kind of monster he's created - and how to survive it! Speaking of getting together at a convention, World is coming up . . . we need to come up with some sort of signal to show we're on the forums. Maybe a small piece of hide (pickled, dry preserved, Lutan'ed, or EZ-100'ed) hanging on a nametag. We would instantly know the other person was a "netter".

Netter???? Well, then.....

This response submitted by June Brown on 2/11/1999. ( )

How about a net????

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