Work order receipts for customer???

Submitted by Scotty on 2/8/00. ( )

Where can I get work order receipts for my taxidermy receipts.
I have my own but I am looking for some that are specific stating
not responsible for fire,tanning at own risk etc..
I have not seen any for sale in supply catalogs
I guess if I need to I can have them done by a print shop.
any info
Thank you

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Scotty, Look in the Yellow Pages under printers

This response submitted by Craig on 2/8/00. ( )

It is an expense none of us wants to incur but unfortunatly it is neccessary, plus it's a tax write-off. Be specific as to what you want printed on each one and whether you want duplicate or triplicate copies. You might want to run some of this by your attorney to make sure the contractual side is legal and binding in your state.

Work orders

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 2/8/00. ( )

There are a few good examples: You can go to Staples or Office Max they both can make them but any where you go they can be costly. I bought the TaxiShop program from
It prints out anything and everything you could ever need for taxidermy. Shop orders,work orders, suplies,ect.
It's $300.00 but I garuntee in the long run you will get by a lot cheaper with all that this program offers. I have a lot of people talk about using Quickbooks, which I used for a while but this is far better.
Just a thought
Charles Gossett

taxishop # 1

This response submitted by Gregg Ielfield on 2/8/00. ( )

i agree taxishop is awesome , made my life a lot easyer. It does do
all your printing needs and you can make your work order say what you want on the bottom.
best 300.00 I have spent this year.

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