Looking for Mammal Judge for Indiana Show

Submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/2/01. ( jjbaird@ligtel.com )

Any suggestions or volunteers for a mammal judge for our Spring March 17-18 show in Columbus Indiana? It would be for the professional and masters category and would include a 2 hour seminar (more or less).

We pay $350.00, and transportation and hotel accomodations are paid for.

We will be at a modern Holiday Inn Holidome, and as usual we expect a large crowd from at least four other states.

We've had judges for other categories lined up for some time, but for some reason our president is having a hard time getting a mammal judge.


Cecil Baird, Board Member, Past President

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Hope this helps you

This response submitted by CC on 1/2/01. ( Ntahq@aol.com )

Here are a few names and if you need telephone numbers you can email me:

The following is only A to C...the list goes on...Please advise if you need further help and I will be glad to provide more information.

Jeff Apple-Mifflintown, PA; Dan Bantley-Ebensburg, PA; Danny Benson-Klamath, OR; Larry Blomquist-Hammond, LA; Billy Breen-Newport, VA; Mike Briganti-Port Chester, NY; Wes Burris-Jonesboro, IL;Jimmy Byrd-Sycamore, GA; John Cargill-Dubois, WY; Dick Christoforo-Revere, MA; Cary Cochran-Millersburg,OH; Roy Cogburn-Albuquerque, NM; Kevin Conroy-Middlebury, CT; Terry Covington-Lewisville, TX

Good Luck!


This response submitted by jerseyman on 1/2/01. ( )

what are Mr. Briganti's qualifications to judge, and if hired, will he be selling those articles from his " other " business he ran through the internet while living in Montana a few monthes back ? had something to do with nursing as I recall. Dave could you help us ?

.....Count me in...

This response submitted by Gary Pegg Australia on 1/2/01. ( )

.... just want to put up my hand also,--- would that be economy or first class air from Australia? (LOL)
Reminds me when a distributor for acrylic domes at the last World Show was offering'' free shipment'' on the purchase of any of its domes at the 1999 show - and l aked about a having them sent to Australia..........need l say more
Gary Pegg

Judges Profile Handbook Volume II

This response submitted by CC on 1/3/01. ( Ntahq@aol.com )

The following information was submitted to the NTA Judges Profile Handbook Volume II for Mike Briganti:

Mike has been an active judge for 20 years. He has won over 200 major awards which include 23 best of category awards. He has received the NTA Award of Excellence. He has also judged and given numerous seminars in all levels of competition in order that he might share his expertise with others.

He judges mammals, gameheads, birds and fish. He has judged for Pennsylvania, Garden State and California to name a few. He has assisted other judges such as Frank Newmyer and James Mariero.

He offers seminars on mounting mammals, gameheads, birds and fish.

I hope this information is helpful.

Thanks for the responses! And Gary Pegg...

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/3/01. ( )

Unless you can pack yourself into a UPS box I don't think we could afford the airfare right now. If we could you'd be welcome.



This response submitted by Gary Pegg Australia on 1/8/01. ( )

.......trying hard , just watch out where they put the staples!

Belly Laugh!

This response submitted by Lorrie on 1/8/01. ( )


20 years?!

This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 1/9/01. ( birdspec@lewistown.net )

Ummmm...How old is Mike Briganti? I'm 33 and I'm pretty sure that he's no older than I am....and you say he's been a Judge for 20 years? Really?! He'd be the first "Teenager" judge I've heard of for taxidermy competition! lol Where are you getting your info CC? If I'm wrong please correct me -- I'm not trying to be antagonistic, just incredulous...


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