blood stains on a mounted white ptarmagin

Submitted by Ray K on 1/3/01. ( )

How can I remove some blood stains that were found on a ptarmagin AFTER it was already mounted?\
(mount is dry)

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Blood Out/Degreaser

This response submitted by George on 1/3/01. ( )

Ray, put some in a spray bottle and spray in close on the effected area. The mop dry with paper towels. Several trys will eliminate the blood. Then blow dry the feathers back to their desired loft.

Ptarmagin to be mounted

This response submitted by Tom on 4/9/01. ( )

I have a ptarmagin that I want to send to my taxidermist. I took great care in plugging all the vents and bullet hole with tissue paper however blood still got on the feathers. Will the taxidermist be able to remove that?

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