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Submitted by Tina on 1/4/01. ( )

I have a question. My husband would like to start doing Freshwater Fish Taxidermy in Wisconsin. He has been doing this for years on his own fish. Some of his friends would like him to do some of their fish. Our question is does he need a license to do this and if yes, where would we go to get one?

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Look in the front here, there is links to almost every

This response submitted by John C on 1/4/01. ( )

DNR and/or game and fish site. John C

In Wisc, you MUST obtain RETAIL License 1st

This response submitted by BobB on 1/4/01. ( )

contact the dept of revenue and the DNR. Before you can get the taxidermy
license, you must obtain a sellers permit. Tommy wants to collect the taxes
on all the work your hubby does for his friends.

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