1st timer at sports show

Submitted by Bob on 1/4/01. ( )

I will bw exhibiting for my shop for the first time at a local outdoors show in a few weeks. I was hoping you all could give me some good suggestions. You know, DO'S and DON'TS. Thanks

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Cool, stand up,

This response submitted by John C on 1/4/01. ( )

Take lots of your work, light it with spotlights if possible. Stand up, noone wants to talk to you while you sit down, business cards and price list, I hate price list but customer use them. Take a cooler with you, tell them why not bring in the fish or whatever tomorrow you will be there!

Engage them in talk, dont chew gum, have water there for you, a sign for when you have to peeeee, you will be right back. Arrive early, stay late, photos of your shop. professionally done signs, with the shops popping up they are cheap, no shabby clothes. Iron that shirt! no Tee shirts, nice slacks, if you have it a navy jacket and red tie. Rehearse your speal again and agian, even have a good one for the ANTIS, above all KNOW YOUR FACTS., Good luck, there are some thing I left out so other do feel lonely. JohnC

Go For It Bob

This response submitted by Pete T. on 1/4/01. ( tebtax@aol.com )

Be Confident in yourself, You'll do just Fine.
Best of Luck and let us know how it turned out.

Let them come to you

This response submitted by Dino on 1/4/01. ( dinostaxidermy@cs.com )

I've done our local show for the last 5-6 years. John covered many of the points -- although I wouldn't wear a tie. I did get some nice shirts with shop name embroidered.
One point he didn't mention -- I found that the first few years I tried to entice every person walking down the aisle. Many were not interested at all. I found it worked better to wait for them to approach. They ARE looking, and if they are interested they will come up -- look approachable & friendly!
I really only had a few antis -- it's a hunting & RV show, I think they would have been severely outnumbered.
I took in work right there at the show -- also I used some customer pieces -- people are so excited that THEIR mount is going to be on display -- then they can come pick it up right there when the show is over -- less to take back home.

I did learn not to give "free mount" as a drawing -- too expensive for the little you get back. What we did do was a free drawing for a $50 gift certificate -- enough to interest people, then you have a potential mailing list if you are going to send out advertising. $50 doesn't take enough off the price to really impact you.
Feel free to email w/ any other questions!



This response submitted by steve on 1/4/01. ( )

We've done our local show in a big metro area for the past 8 years. Dont have a price list. (the biggest thing I learned is>>>u dont want customers that only are price shopping)Have alot of awesome work, and awards, trophys, plaques, nta award of excellent cert, etc ...nice business card Like anything it will take time to get clientele from a show, after a few months after the show they will forget where they got your card and or brochure. Dont give away anything, It makes it seem like u are bagging for work. "I'M expensive but the best" thats what u have to project. Take care and good luck......It 'll pay off

Good Advertisement

This response submitted by Elmer on 1/4/01. ( Topstaxidermy@aol.com )

Bob i have displayed at our county youth fair the last three years Iget mounts still from the first year cards I handed out. I pick up an average of $2000.00 worth of mounts within 2 weeks or during the fair> Be proffessional have a good display something that will catch peoples attention and let your work speak for itself. Don,t badmouth others in the trade. Good luck

Im alittle different

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/4/01. ( )

I say DO sit, be relaxed, and allow the guys to approach. DO chew gum, nobody likes that stinky breath. NO refreshments where they can see them, and that means spit cups to! I leave out cards for the folks who like to gather all show paperwork (hahaha) but the brochures are next to me, behind the booth. When someone asks specific questions about my service, then I hand them a brochure. This allows me a starting point for conversation. Best way to attract attention to YOUR booth amongst all the others? If your wife doesnt mind, borrow a pretty girl. Seriously, the best way, in MY opinion, is to have the very best damned work at the show. It WILL attract all the attention you need. Trust me, Ive done my share...

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