Mandatory NTA Membership

Submitted by Vic on 1/5/01. ( )

I'm not trying to cause a fuss and I don't have anything against the NTA but there is something bothering me, and thats this business of the 100 percent mandatory membership of each member within the state association to belong to NTA for the state to belong to the NTA. I dont think this is right.
There may be benefits to belonging to NTA, but they should show us why we should belong, not force the state association to railroad us to join and be the collection agency for NTA. I've never gone to the national show because I never can seem to get my work schedule at my full time job to match the show dates and then theres the travel distance. They are never near me that I have seen.

If NTA does hold to this policy, I will not hold up my state association, I guess I will just have to resign my membership with them so they don't get penalized for my decision not to join.

If anyone from NTA does read this, I wish you would reconsider this requirement. It will cost the state associations a certain number of members, members they may not be able to afford to lose. Is NTA going to pay the state for the lost members by standing their ground on this issue?
Just wondering how others feel about this.

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Membership ?

This response submitted by Richard Gensch on 1/5/01. ( )

Vic I'm just curious why you are a member of your state assoc.Is it for the conventions or for the support a state assoc. gives each taxidermist in the state when issues come up?I don't know how your state assoc. runs their conventions, our state requires that you belong to our state order to participate.If your state has similar requirements just take a minute to think of all the infomation and people you have met over the years and you are willing to with draw yourself. I hope you would reconsider this issue and go to an N.T.A. convention, it's a lot of fun.Take care, Rich.


This response submitted by George on 1/5/01. ( )

I hate you've come to that realization as that horse has been dead and flogged nearly a year ago. Neither you nor your state is FORCED to do anything. There is absolutely no truth that you MUST be a member of the NTA. There IS however the fact that the NTA will no longer provide gratis support to organizations that are not accredited with 100% of its members. That means no NTA judges, no NTA score sheets, and no NTA accreditation points for competitions that do not give their full and total support to the NTA. Why should my dues be used to support a program honoring people who have no vested interest in my organization? Can you get into SAM'S Club without a membership? How about the VFW, or Masons, or even sell concrete in New Jersey without being a union member? NTA members of state associations that are not 100% may have to travel to get points for certification, but they will retain all the perks and priviledges afforded all NTA members.

It is, indeed, sad that you'd want to be hoisted on your own petard for something so mundane. Running any organization takes money and a national organization is no exception. In the sense of fair play and managing that valuable commodity requires that we eliminate those who've been freeloading. The NTA is no different from any professional organization and business. I encourage you to rethink your position. Only by being around the very best can you see what we all aspire to be and being a member of the NTA is a big step in that direction.

GeoRoof is not always RIGHT

This response submitted by BobB on 1/5/01. ( )


99% of the time after I follow something Geo wrote, I commend him on being right,
Here however he is totally wrong. No one has the right to force you to join any group.

If the NTA can not sell itself, it deserves to die. I haven't yet renewed my 2001 state
membership, after hearing last week in the chat, that the NTA went ahead with this
wrongful act. I spoke with several members of my state board and came away with
the understanding that they too were 100% against being 100%.

If this is only about membership numbers, so that Washington listens to the NTA, then
allow the States to join for a $100 fee to umbrella in all the state's members into the
NTA tolls. If however this is about the almighty dollar, then the NTA doesn't want numbers
but wants your $35 each and every.

If my state association caves in to any implied or real threats from the NTA. I will not
renew my membership. It's that simple. George I'm sorry that you are so blind on this
issue and argue as we have this past 2 years o this point, I still admire your imput.

nta membership

This response submitted by steve on 1/5/01. ( )

Are we talking $35.00 here. In fact why join your state association. believe it or not thats all we got out there. Why even have a taxidermy license, federal permits etc., do side jobs. Our studio brings in about $90,000-$100,000 worth of work each year. Taxidermy has done alot for me and my family, I can atleast support its organizations, I always dont agree with the NTA but I'll take the tax write-off. Its always interesting to see taxidermists against each other. Being a member on any board takes time away from their customers work. I wish more people would "volunteer" there services instead of complaining..........I gotto go renew my membership!

I Believe in the NTA, But........

This response submitted by Rob Patton on 1/5/01. ( )

I also am displeased about this. Who is the NTA to demand that every state association make their members join the NTA. I know that we need to look at ourselves more professionally and that the NTA helps to promote that. Please don't misunderstand me, I think everyone should be a member. Just not forced or threatened like unions dues.

If the NTA wants the backing of strong numbers, what is wrong with allowing the memberships of state associations to be polled together? State associations can be members of the NTA themselves, right? And if that is true then you have that states membership and resources to add to the NTA's numbers. If there was a clause that allowed one to become an associate member in a state association with out being directly a member of the NTA then I wouldn't have a problem. Believe this. I am an NTA member and I do believe that everyone should be a member just not threatened into it. The NTA claims that it wants to improve our image and advance the art of taxidermy and I believe that it does. I also don't mind nonmembers using NTA resources. It's for the greater good of the industry and therefore will also benefit me. I also believe that it would be wiser for the NTA not to shoot itself in the foot by going thorough with this. Because everyone I spoke to about this is dead set against it. I won't end my membership but I think that alot will.


This response submitted by there are other options on 1/5/01. ( )

By the way, its 50.00 to be railroaded by the NTA last time I checked.

NO counting my points from shows.

This response submitted by John C on 1/6/01. ( )


What bother me about the whole dlankety blank mess is that, Should I go to a state show thats not a NTA member affli.the points I earn will not be counted for squat, should I wish so submit them for the Award of Excellence.

Now what about the SOuthern Regional TAxidermist Convention, does the NTA want all states involved with it to be 100%?

Then that should carry thru to the WTC also.

Next I have never seen anything where the NTA has supplied JUDGES for a state show, all state hire who they want or in some case who the can control.

What I would like to see is all states quit being petty over who the hell wins what award. Play it
fair, but many times the click wins, win they dont deserve to. Good Lcuk John C

I cant stay away from this stuff

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/6/01. ( )

Im not with George on this one. He comes from a state with about 15 state members, so its easy to be 100% affiliated. Sorry, Geo. Try getting a couple hundred NYers to agree...on anything! The NTA hasnt even convinced ME on this, how can I, as a board member, convince these NY members? The word I hear in NY isnt good. What will the NTA do when they have to draw a line? Tell some states they cant use "THIER" judges? How will they tell those judges they cant judge that state? Hmmm. I like many of the NTA leaders, past and present, but hey, I call a spade a spade. I would LOVE to see a program that was so attractive that even the most stubborn folks could feel so moved as to support at the state AND national level, without the state taking a hit. That hasnt been the case...yet. More to come? Hell, Im not worried about being chastised here, Im not even in thier judges book, because I didnt pay my 5 bucks! Yes, to be honest with you, I havent paid up on dues now, either...

But Bill?

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 1/6/01. ( )

Bill, and here I thought all you NYs agreed on Hillary :-) I was jesting! There is strength in numbers but I don't think it should be forced. I joined my state and NTA because I wanted to. The big thing here to consider is that we need to somehow all stick together and fight for our rights, the antis are dang sure are! Canada has been taking a beating (sportsmen, hunters) and this in turn will impact us. I wish we could buy an island and gather all the antis there and have Hillary Govern that "State". OOPPS I guess I gone and done it again? Most of what I said was in JEST folks so please don't take me out back for another horse whippin'. Love ya

Dave Toms

Better Call...

This response submitted by Miss Lorro Love on 1/6/01. ( Teasin'again! )

JOhn Sea! I herd he onena them there Horsey Whisperers! He'll help ya Davvers, He's awesome!

Just like PA

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 1/6/01. ( )

This sounds just as bad as having to have a license here. But this issue has been cover many times in the past. Are we going to go through this again like the Pa test does? The only difference I can see here is that it's a law here so there is no choice. But when it comes to joining the NTA there is one. You make it.

Frank, We this is NEWS again....

This response submitted by BobB on 1/6/01. ( )


Because the NTA went again with what was once only proposed, makes this again a
heated topic. I called 2 state officers last night. According to the treasurer, we are
able to pay some fee to have the state become a NTA associated member. She hadn't
got the invoice yet, so wasn't sure of the amount, or even if this met the 100% NTA
IMPOSED membership requirement.

Why are we discussing this without the imput of NTAHQ ? They are able
to place posts when they want to scare you on an "anti" issue, yet I haven't seen them
place any post or reply to any post explaining the current status of this stupid attempt
to swell their accounts.

What about the amateurs and kids.

This response submitted by Stephen on 1/6/01. ( )

Most states associations are comprised of roughly 25 to 30% amateurs who join when the state has a convention close to them. The only way to have 100% affiliation would be to have a dual membership paid when the amateur wants to attend the state show. I can see it now asking a 14 year old kid who just wants to see taxidermy " Well kid, that will be 50$ for the NTA, 40$ for the State, 70$ for the convention pass"- Thats' about 5 months of my kids allowance.

If the NTA wants to raise money then I suggest a novel approach (Why be different here). To join the ASC (Association of Systematic Collections - an organization of Museums holding research collection) membership fees are based on size and attendance of the Museum. For Example - Membership for the Big Museums - American Museum, Field Museum, Carnegie Museum (YEH!), Cal Academy etc is I think $5000.00. Medium museum with a smaller attendance pay a few hundred, and small museums and individuals pay $50.00.
The Steve above who makes 90 to $100,000.00 should easily be able to afford a $1000.00 membership. An amateur who CANNOT make a dime in Taxidermy (PA Licence Rules) should be free, and the 14 year old should be given scholarships to attend for free - then they can see how to mount a Blackbird.

Just a Novel Idea. (Buy the way - Tha Carnegie refused to join at $5000.00 it is way too much - but many of the staff belong and attend the meeting held yearly). Tha ASC also has a paid lobbyist and a national headquarters looking out for the laws regarding specimens and collections - so it is not that different than the NTA.

George can probably afford a truely HEFTY membership fee! I would let all the Women Taxidermists in for free - they make the meeting much more interesting.

I would rather pay a subscription to access to the Taxidermy.Net to help support The Great Mr. Edwards, than to support the NTA in its Union Mentality (I should have raised some Hackles there). Ken, where can I send my donations - and is it Tax Deductable?

The Taxidermologist.


This response submitted by John C on 1/6/01. ( )

Amatures must pay there dues, I know I did a lot of mounts when first learning and the were free, I did not have the guts to charge for them, but they were after the first three or four mounts better than the other taxidermist were doing and they where bragging about the years of experience.

I work two jobs one for the family and one to buy supplies with.

Then came the due to attend show, that was some of the best money I ever spent, I would drive 8 hours to go to a one day state show and was just tickled pink, the only Taxidermy Rewiew I was ever able to make, I photographed, everything there and lots of it was done with a macro lense. The I started going to other shows, found the NTA, was a memebr on and of for many years, met some good people there, have met so really POOPHEADS there also.

I am wandering at this time are POOPHEADS running the NTA?


We are Americans, we don't beleive in TOTALITARIAN RULE, DO WE? LAst time I read the Bill of Rights and GLAZED upon the CONSTITUTION we had a choice, did our PAST ELECTION not prove that?

What say you the FOUNDERS of the NTA? Richard C. from MASS, Pearl Henderson from ARK.

Was this voted one by the membership? Maybe at the meeting in LUBOCK, but was 51% of the paying members present?

So how I don't think so.

I know Cindy C has to deal with lots of S&^% everday from the members. She deserves more money for her time.

On the other hand, WHO introduced this IDEA? Mr. Crain who earns more from each member?

Come on Board members, can you not see that this will ruin the NTA, I have heard at one meeting that the members don't know whats good for the NTA.

I say the MEMBERS are the NTA. SO lets put it to a full vote! In this day and age of computers (see where I am going) SET it up!
We wnter our name and membership number and VOTE.

Harris Polls do it everyday, I see web pages with vote casibilities! Hell this could be done by some young child , as long as he is more computer literate than I.


John C

forced me to do something ---never-- I will let my membershi

This response submitted by Johnson on 1/6/01. ( )

The NTA have one less member.I don't want to be part of this



This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/6/01. ( )

I should say this, too. The NTA has done many things for me, including giving me the platform or opportunity to compete at that level, to make whatever name I now have for myself. I have been fortunate because of the NTA competitions and Ive built a business based on these as other showings. Im sure NOT ungrateful. This newest issue is what Im not totally accepting. I wanted to be clear about that...Im not anti-NTA, guys...

I was a member.....

This response submitted by Bob on 1/6/01. ( )

I was a NTA member in the past, until I caught on to the fact that the PA Assn. needed to have 100% membership to be affiliated. Whwn pusc comes to shove I'll almost always say "kiss my butt" If I wanna be a member I will, but now"SEE YA NTA".


This response submitted by Frank on 1/6/01. ( )

Can't you people EVER get along ?!


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/6/01. ( )

...we arent all the same person?


This response submitted by rick on 1/6/01. ( )

this was supposed to unite taxidermists?


This response submitted by bncsmythe on 1/9/01. ( )

Well the debate rages on, and still many are misinformed, others just stubborn, some just stupid and that is the shame of it all. I see only one way out and that is for the NTA to disban and start over with 100% reqirement.The mistake was not enforcing the rule at it's inception. It's hard to back up now and do what should have been done in the first palce. I think there is some middle ground that could be could be considered. Such as allowing states to remain affiliates but not allow non member of NTA to compete in NTA sanctioned competitions unless you are an NTA member.

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