Written Contract

Submitted by Chuck B. on 1/6/01. ( wcbrandenburg@cs.com )

A few days ago there was a post about a written contract. George Roof offered to fax the author a copy of his contract. I would also like to see this contract or anyone elses that would like to fax it to me. Thank you all in advance! And thanks to WASCO for providing a place for all of these great minds of taxidermy to exchange thoughts and opinions! Its a great help to a beginner like me! By the way my fax # (256)332-4245

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By George, I got it!

This response submitted by Doug on 1/7/01. ( )

I received several copies of business contracts from colleagues in the business. They were faxed to me, one by Mr. Roof(AKA ROOFSTER by JOhn C.). Since you asked I can fax you his fax. I have to wait until Monday to get to a fax machine if that's what you'd like.
A beginner...eh? Boy, you are in for a treat if you stay with these forums.
I began once.
I started over MANY times.....eh?

Hee Hee

This response submitted by MissLL on 1/7/01. ( ICanVouch4Dat! )




This response submitted by George on 1/7/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

I tried to send it to you, but your FAX didn't pick up.


This response submitted by Chuck B. on 1/7/01. ( wcbrandenburg@cs.com )

To Doug and George my sincerest apoligies! I gave the wrong fax number to begin with! The correct nuber is (256)332-4542. I'm sorry for any inconveinence this may have caused!

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