Submitted by Todd B on 1/7/01. ( )

I am looking to buy a set of scales to weigh my tanning chemicals as well
as anything else (small) that needs weighed. I have been to the
pharmacy and can only find the small gram measurement scale.
What do some of you guys and ladies use? And where did you get it.
Would postage scales be sufficient or would they not hold up in a taxidermy shop?

Todd B

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Kitchen Scale

This response submitted by Paul B. on 1/7/01. ( )

I have used a kitchen scale for several years,never any problems.
I use it to measure chems. for fish tan and salt and acid for pickle.

Paul B

Wal Mart

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 1/7/01. ( )

I bought an electronic scale at Wal-Mart in the kitchen area for around 20 bucks. It works for everything I need except large pounds like salt. Here I use a bathroom scale, same supplier.

Dave Toms

Try eBay

This response submitted by Craig on 1/7/01. ( )

they have them there too!

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