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Submitted by S. Ostertag on 1/7/01. ( rftaxidermy@mo-net.com )

I picked up a brochure today of a fellow taxidermist in my area , it is a NTA certification program brochure. My problem with it is it's full of pictures of other peoples work , (award winning work). On the back is this taxidermists contact info. I can't believe anyone would want to use this a brochure, but to each is own. My problem is I,m a member of the NTA , I have'nt had the time to enter competion yet, although I am currently working on a mount for this summer. I don't beleive customers as a whole ( very few I imagine ) would know the work being shown in this brochure is that of others. If someone were to read this brochure and ask me if I am certified and I tell them no they may very well think less of me. I am very proud of my work and would not be conserned to have any judge look at it and agree that it is quality commercial work. Why does the NTA leave a blank for someones stamp? Why does the brocher not at least state that the names of the peoples work being shown. If it were my work being shown I would be upset to be promoting someone elses buisness by ways of my hard work. I'm not comparing my work to this particular competitors, I,m sure he does a fine job , I am upset that a organizination I am part of is promoting him over me. If thats not what's happening and I,m wrong , I apologize , I don't think I am though.
Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time_
Shannon Ostertag

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This response submitted by Bob Mead on 1/7/01. ( meadtaxidermy@yahoo.com )

It seems to me that if the NTA were to put names on the pictured mounts in the brochures, that would be promoting the featured taxidermists even further, to which you seem opposed. I have the brochures available to my customers, and none of them have mistaken the work pictured for mine. They do, however, get ideas for their mounts from the brochure, and most of the featured mounts are of a more complicated nature, including habitat (translation: more expensive/more profit). If a cutomer were to mistake the work for mine, I would simply set the record straight.
In my opinion, the NTA is promoting the Certification Program participants. I feel the program is useful in the promotion one's own studio, gives your customers options for their mounts, and gives we taxidermists incentive to compete (and improve).

Bob Mead

Hi Shannon

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/7/01. ( )

I fthis helps you any, Im not certified either. I have never had a potential customer ask if I was certified. I have seen ads in my state, and business cards, which have copied this certification logo that the NTA uses. They werent certified. It also cost $50 last I knew. Are you seeing a pattern here? Take your time, improve your work, and have a blast competing and learning, when you feel ready. There really is plenty of work to go around. Have fun.

Wait a minute , guys...

This response submitted by Ken on 1/7/01. ( darville@sowega.net )

I have been avoiding getting into all of these NTA debates and such,
but this one... I had to say a peice. These brochures are to make folks aware of the certification program...
that there is an organization or organizations (if your state has a certification program),
that recognizes a taxidermists efforts in trying to improve their quality of work,
and helps to establish a standard in the industry. It is not a perfect program...but its something.
It is a personal goal for many who are at an intermediate level of competition.
For those who choose to participate, it is a critical step in developing
the confidence to continue to pursue the AOE.
If you choose not to participate, that is your personal choice.
Those who choose to participate have also made a choice.
I, personally, have participated in the program for about 5 years. My choice.
I use the "brochures" as an information tool. I include a brochure
with the information packet that we send to our wholesale customers to let them know that they have another option to
better themselves.Notice I said option,as to inply that certification was not the sole means.
Its not. In all the goods and bads, or rights and wrongs of the NTA,
I dont think that the certification program can be looked at as anything other than positive
Its participants have made a choice...and Shannon, everyone cant have his pictures in the flyer.
Promoting your studio is not the purpose...promoting the program is....
You would be surprised at the number of calls we receive from taxidermists...even experienced ones, who
want to know more about the program...
So guys, make your choice, but dont look down on those who dont make the same choice.

Its about money

This response submitted by Frank on 1/7/01. ( )

It's all about money.
There is no way that the NTA should be allowing its members to use brochures with other peoples work on it.
But if you cut them a cheque and enter lots of pieces in a show (which means lots of money)then you too can fool people with a fancy brochure!
Its misleading to customers and its also known as
I see Bill has quite the insensitive attitude towards your dilemma.
He obviously could care less about the unfair way in which your competitor abuses this certification program.
He is loyal to the NTA, they support him and provide him with income by supporting him as a judge and speaker.
Meanwhile you are losing money because of this certification abuse and his reply is "There is plenty of work to go around. Have fun."
Don't listen to such garbage, get on the phone and start writing letters. Put a stop to this injurious behaviour
Stand up for yourself.

I agree with Ken

This response submitted by WIT on 1/7/01. ( )

I have been in the NTA Certfication program for the last four years and will continue to do so.I took the time to compete and learn from the best. I am very proud of my work now and always continue to improve. Many customers do not know the difference between poor quality and good quality. The NTA Certification program is one way of educating the public on quality work. Nobody has to become certified, but striving to will increase the quality of your work.

hey frank

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/8/01. ( )

What kind of a nipple ARE you? Did you read anything in this post? They all just explained to you that the brochures are for promoting the certification program. I went ahead and let Shannon know that the program was NOT a nessecity to doing taxidermy, that the competitions can come as Shannon was ready. Dont pick a fight with me, until you have some clue as to what the fight might be about. For your info, the NTA doesnt pay the judges, the show who hires you does. Also, Im not in the NTA judges book, so, as I said, get the facts before you take a chunk of me, OK? Ill accept your humble apologies...For what its worth, Shannon, I have seen brochures and advertisements all around the country with other folks mounts copied onto them, even mine. Some folks have no class, but thats not what the NTA was doing. Frank, read some of the many NTA posts the last few days, you might see things differently...

ok Bill

This response submitted by Frank on 1/8/01. ( )

In my opinion it doesn't matter what the NTA's intentions really are.
The fact remains that those brochures are very misleading and give people the opportunity for abuse.
Shannon has a legitimate complaint that she should follow up on which I'm sure will fall on deaf ears at the NTA office.
If you are not in the judges book then I apoligize for that comment, but I do think your response was a little insensitive to what Shannons point was. This brochure could very well be affecting how well she provides for her family so it shouldn't be trivialized.
I'm not sure what kind of an insult 'nipple' is because I like nipples. We would all look funny without them.
However, I took a shot at you so that was your shot back, I guess.

I guess you dont know me

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/8/01. ( )

Calling you a nipple, or an elbow, is just that...a silly name so that its read as harmless. I get accused of calling names, but thats not what that was. OK? Again, the NTA has a practice of which most winners of that show are aware of. When you win, the NTA is allowed to use those entries picture for thier NTA based ads, printed matter, etc. The brochure itself does only promote the NTA certification program, not the mounts pictured, thus no names. Im not sure how else to say this. Shannon doesnt have a problem. Ive read the post more than once, and thats still how I feel. I guess we just dissagree. Frank, I DO agree with you about the nipples, though...

still not 100%OK

This response submitted by S Ostertag on 1/8/01. ( )

I understand that it is supposed to promote the NTA certification program and have no problem with that. I can read it and know what it is, but not many sportsman in my area would not. I can't help but think they'll assume its this persons work being shown, after all it has his name and address stamped on the back. If it were stuffed in your own brochure as additional info. , maybe that would be OK. I can't see the harm in it stating that the work being shown is that of many different taxidermists. I look forward to entering competions and learning from others and will soon, however I have'nt had the extra time(or have'nt allowed myself the time). I know my problem areas and contiue to work through them and get better.I don't think you have to enter competion and be certified to be good though. Anyway it's just my opinion that it was'nt right. I think the brochure is fine , but I think it it is a bit misleading when a persons name , etc. are stamped to it and the mounts being shown are not not identified at all but just pictured. I too use pictures of others mounts in Breakthrough to give customers ideas of things I can do, they know its others work though. Well thats enough, I'm not bad mouthing the NTA or my copetitor, I just would do it differently.
P.S. I'm actually a GUY, common mistake with my name though, no offense taken , just letting you know.

Thanks for the replys and your time-


This response submitted by Frank on 1/8/01. ( )

Sorry about the gender mixup with your name.
I know its also a common mans name and I just took a guess.
Maybe I should have asked first.

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