Are you a work at home Husband?

Submitted by Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. on 1/7/01. ( )

For a short time and I do mean a short time only you to can have broiler pans, Bar-be-que grills and Meat smokers that are clean and I do mean clean as a whistle. Not only does it clean Bear hides, deer hides and that greasy coon stuff. It will clean Grandma iorn skillet so clean it will have to be seasoned again. Bean pots NO problem, just a quick soak and TA-DA, they are clean, yes cleaner than when your wife washes them by hand. Guys did you spill something on the carpet New Years days and the stain is still there, get it out quick with this AMAZING product.

Oh no it 4:30 the wife will be home at 5:00 and you worked on your old truck all day, well don't worry with this product your finger nails and hands will be absoultly clean, yes so clean the spouse will assume you wash the dish by hand!

for only a short time you can get this product and it will look like you worked instead of watched the soap operas all day, by the way how Another World and General Hospital, that lady just get better looking each year on All my children, speaking of children this stuff even removes the kids crayon marks from the table.

Order your supply soon, but keep it hid in the shop!

Order SUPER SOLVENT from Rittels now! Hurry hurry hurry once the wife finds out, us guys are in deep kimsheee! Get a pint, no make that a quart, no just get a full gallon as you will be absoulutly amazed at what you can clean with it.

Just click on the word Rittel hyperlinked from this site.

Don't be caught without it, fella's.

Better hurry supply may be limited.

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Good Value

This response submitted by S@ve$$$$ on 1/8/01. ( A+ )

Step right up! Step right up! Get yer Rittels now, Ya Here?

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