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Submitted by Tenbears on 1/8/01. ( )

Well Guys I been Out of town for a wile. Came Back to see all this fuss over the NTA, And a decission to Require Every state Origanation that chooses to have a NTA affiliation Require 100% of its members to be NTA members. I have read all the posts, And listened to good points on both sides. It seems To be simple to me. If you want the NTA recognition And points for competitions, Join the NTA. if you just want to be recognized within your state, Don't.
For over 25 years I have been a menber of a local Bass Federation. The National B.A.S.S requires Chapter Menbers to Be B.A.S.S Menbers T fish B.A.S.S. santioned Tournaments. Those tournaments Have additional Benifits. Such As better Prizes. I like that So I Join. However, Not being a B.A.S.S. Member would Not exclude Me from Fishing in Local Tournamants. and getting the prizes They offer.
I feel It is the same with the NTA. If you want the benifits that come with placing in a NTA competition Then you should be a member. It is just that simple. NTA Has not to my knoledge Had a law passed that states. No state can Hold a competition Unless It is NTA santioned. On the other hand to expect the NTA to honner the placings of a competition That they have not santioned Is a bit on the foolhardy side. Lets face it guys. It cost The NTA money To Opperate, And someone has to Pay for the Benifits They May Receive from recoginition Or cirtification from Any national orgination. If you join A state chapter Of the NTA than You should expect to pay National dues. If you dont want to be a member Of The NTA, But still Want to compete, Find an orgination That is not NTA affiliated and join that. Before you go slamming me as a Supporter of anything other than common sense, You should know I am NOT a NTA member, And have been In the Business For over 30 Years.

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nta mandate

This response submitted by rg on 1/9/01. ( stuffer@discover-net.net )

it's really not that simple . if you want to be in your state org then you need to be in the nta ,is what they are trying to do . many taxidermists have no ambitions at the national level . i wish all our state members would join the nta , but that's probably not going to happen . with this 100% thing we will lose state membership numbers and this chain , that is the nta , will only be weakening the links that make it strong in the first place . i'm an nta member and state board member , but even though i've been doing taxidermy for some time , i just in the past few years became active in my state's org . my point is that people will do things when they are ready , and if they don't see the advantage of a strong national org now , they might in a year , two maybe threeyears . but as for now , they aren't freeloaders or dead weight , but potential members . let's be patient nta , and not force ourselves on people and maybe scaring them off for good.

Not the same.

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 1/9/01. ( bigjims@adelphia.net )

You can fish in the local bass tournaments if your not a member of the national. The way the NTA wants it to work is you can't even be a member of your local taxidermy org. if you are not a national member. The state of Ohio where I am from still has 2 taxidermy org. from years ago caused by such ridiculous strong arm tactics. Even though they will say that your org. does not "have" to comply if you are a member of a NTA affiliated org. they WILL have to collect NTA dues as well as local dues at the same time. Otherwise there is no way to make sure all their members are in compliance. I am secretary for the Professional Taxidermists of Ohio which is a IGT affiliated org. Even though there are 2 groups many of the taxidermists in the state are members of the PTO as well as the Ohio Association of Taxidermists. This mandate is just going to put further pressure on the OAT. I only see this as adding a nominal amount of members to the NTA and causing hardship to the state organizations. Further on down the slippery slope is what about the Life Members of the NTA or of the State groups? Is the NTA going to make you join your State Organization before you can join them!? Turnabout is fair play.
The real stinger is this: Even if every taxidermist who is a member of a state org. joins the strength of the NTA will be VERY little. We have 150 in our organization, WI said in a earlier post they have 300, Delaware is said to have 14? To give the benefit of the doubt lets just average the 3, comes out to 154.67 members for each state (I can guarantee there is NOT that many in all state org.!). Multiply that by 50 states (There is not a organization in every state but remember I am giving the highest possible numbers) and you get 7,733.5! WOW! What a giant force marching on DC to send fear and dread among the elected officials! Heck there are more homeless guys in DC than that! Now they will say but think of the cash we will have to use for our defense, 7733.5 x $50 dues= $386,675. A pretty penny for most of us but that wouldn't give us a senators ear for 5 minutes.
The point is that there is NO upside to this and a LOT of downside. The idea is noble indeed but the facts show that even if it works to the fullest possible extent it still means nothing. I know how hard it is to keep a org. going and I wish the NTA luck with this experiment but I fear the worst.

PS Before one of you e-mail me and tell me that there are more than 7335 taxidermists in the US remember they don't ALL join now what makes you think they will when they have to pay more!? We mail to 1800 taxidermists in the state of OH every year and get approx. 150 members, a little better than 10%. Most state org. are in the same boat. I can guarantee when the $ goes up the membership definately won't rise!

Well Said Jim

This response submitted by BobB on 1/10/01. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

Great reply Jim,

I too was going to get into that number thing, but held off. One point you neglected
with your very realistic numbers, is that of that $380K collected in dues, the
majority of that tends to stay in house for overhead costs. Many national fund
raising organizations only spend a fraction of their income on the cause they intend
to fight.

I'd like to see a breakdown of the real numbers, by the NTA.

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