new WASCO catalog

Submitted by rick on 1/8/01. ( )

Just want to know when the new WASCO catalog will be mailed out,thanks.....rick

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It will be a little while longer...

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 1/8/01. ( )

I apologize for the delay, but it will be a little longer until the 2001 WASCO Catalog is complete. The administration of the Taxidermy Net Forums has taken much more of my time than I anticipated, and the WASCO catalog production is also my responsibility, therefore the delay is entirely my fault.

I can assure you, no one will be happier than me when the catalog is finally finished and mailed out.

Until then, you may read about our products at the WASCO web site
( and you may make purchases through the web site or over the phone by calling one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-334-8012.

As an added bonus to taxidermists, until our new catalog comes out, almost all of our products are still available at 1999 prices. I thank all of our customers for their patience and apologize again for the delay.

Ken Edwards

Gee Ken You're Starting to Sound Like a Taxidermist!

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/15/01. ( )

I sound just like that when a customer gets anxious. However, I'm will to wait for the catolog as it's not like I can't order from the old one.

Keep up the good work.


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