What Does the NTA do for YOU?

Submitted by Dave Taylor on 1/9/01. ( mastertaxidermist@jam.rr.com )

Mike Kirkhart posted this list yesterday.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Hi Bob
I thought that I would answer your question or at least show you some of the efforts the NTA has been involved with on the law making issue. These are the ones that are of record in the history of the NTA donations that are sums spent/donated in fighting for rights of hunters trappers and sportsman in the last few years.
$5200.00 ----Arizonians for wildlife proposition /legislation
$2500.00-----Oregonians for wildlife proposition/legislation
$2000.00 ----Californians for wildlife proposition/legislation
$1000.00 ----Washingtonians for wildlife proposition/legislation
$1000.00 ----Oregon Bear/Cougar repeal of measure 18
$2000.00 ----Arizonians for wildlife proposition 102 / November 2000
These are a few of the financial expenditures that are listed in the NTAís Treasureís report and of course are all items that were voted on by the board as viable investments. The sad news is that most of these donations were not enough to win. However this will not stop us from trying to do the right thing and fight for us all"---Blah blah blah.----------

Thanks Mike, for really showing me how the NTA has pissed away thousands of our dollars. Here I am, an NTA member for many years, and I wonder why dues are so high in comparison to the benefit I receive.

I want the NTA to benefit TAXIDERMISTS. let the Big Boys, like the WLFA and NRA play politics. They have a better chance of winning, that is why I donate to them.

This is such a good example of why the NTA has a small membership, and a better example of why the 100% will never work.

Look at other sports-related groups. BASS, Buckmasters,NRA,DU---ALL provide more "bang for the buck" to their membership. I doubt many would argue with that. and they all do it for less than the NTA charges in dues.

If yall want to increase the membership, then make the membership worth something to the taxidermists. I honestly don't think the board(or past boards) knows how to do that.

How about this--the next time yall want to send a couple thousand of our dollars to some political group, instead spend it on a survey--Not just to our members, but to all taxidermists that you can find an address for. Ask them what it would take to get them to join.Find out why they aren't members now.
(you could also inform the recipients of the particular political issue in question, and ASK them to send a donation to the cause).

I really don't see why you would have such a problem with this.
I have seen it asked or stated many times, but nobody from the NTA seems willing to answer this question----Why can't the membership vote on the 100% issue?
Please answer that question.


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This response submitted by Bryan Smythe on 1/9/01. ( )

I keep hearing alot of disgruntle responses to the the NTA stance to make all affiliates 100%. This was an original mandate at the inception of the NTA and written into the charter as I understand it. The past approach of waiting for affiliates to bring thier membership on board has not work and the forced approach is not working either. Taxidermist by nature are independant individuals that resent being told they have to do something. The truth of the matter is that until they can find a common gound on which to unite, each will have to fight his own battles, which is a vety poor battle plan. Our counrty fought a civil war to keep the states united. There were many who were opposed and fought vigorusly to seperate, in the end the union survived and we have all benifited from it, Which brings to mind the old adadage "United we stand Devided we fall". Maybe it is time that more of us begain to ask the question what can I do to make the NTA stronger, what can I do to do my part to help ensure the future of my craft, rather than what is the NTA doing for me. If you don't know the answer to that question you haven't been paying attention.


This response submitted by Bob Mead on 1/9/01. ( meadtaxidermy@yahoo.com )

"pissing away thousands of our dollars" eh? My dues were included in those numbers as well. You tell me what legisltative battle has a pre-determined outcome, that way a loser will never be chosen. Give me a break. The battles the NTA chose to fight were important ones, and ones that will potentially affect all of us through copycat legislation in other states.

To the NTA: You have my permission to "piss away" my dues as the board sees fit.

Actually more often than not it is money lost..

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 1/9/01. ( Marl4570@aol.com )

>>You tell me what legisltative battle has a pre-determined outcome, that way a loser will never be chosen. Give me a break.>>>

Only going from my experience on fighting the different legislation here and abroad money spent like that is more often than not a waist.
The biggest problem is we have become Lazy in our ways by handing over $40 or $70 dollars and yelling I did my part go get them boys. Well, this is a big reason why we lose so many.
A lot of money helps but the fact is if you ask any politician what turned a vote he will say," The phones rang off the hook in favor or against a certain bill."
The reason why the NRA is so great IS NOT so much how much money is involved but how many people.
We had no less than 300 NRA volunteers here in N.KY getting out the vote. When the NRA asked members to write the USFWS about money miss handling they received 100,000 letter the first wk and some 10,000 to 20,000 every wk after that.
I think the NTA would be better using their money informing and motivating Taxidermist to get off the couch and make a call, write a letter make you voice known.
I devoted 2 entire wks before the election to make calls, send out letters and to inform those around me of the various issues.
We too sent money collected to Oregon and Washington and we also called thier reps to let them no that we would poor money into the next campaign to eliminate them if they kept allowing AR initiatives to control our wildlife.
I would rather people save their money and voice their opinion when needed, After all Politicians don't know how much money is being spent but the hears voices in numbers and start thinking about reelection.
Charles Gossett
When your Reps, and Congressman start calling you to warn you about an upcomming bill you have made some headway.

If you are gonna bitch about the NTA

This response submitted by JOhn C on 1/9/01. ( )

HAve a CURE for your problem.

People can bitch about it if they want, but when you dont have a cure for it, it makes you a whiner.

I have some problems with it, but I am just one member, there are many thing I would love to see changed, but I dont have the cure for them. The $10,000 AD&D should be work that to you.

I ask you to look at other professions and see what kind of Organizations they have behind them?

The Association is only as strong as we the people want it to be. SOme day when I am fully retired and have time I would love to be on the board, but I dont have cures for the problems so I keep shut in the open about them, I do discuss it with freind to try to figure out how to fix them.

Now lets get behind it and make it strong. or shut to hell up.

John C

As Mike K, intended that reply for me...

This response submitted by BobB on 1/9/01. ( foxranch@hotmail.com )

and it has now been used to begin another NTA post, I'd like to post my reply here;

Mike, I'll join the NTA, if you.....
drop your imposed mandate of Jan 1, 2002 as the date that all must be 100%.

You and your group have no legal authority to force yourself into my or anyone
else's pocket. But the sad thing, that you don't see, is that my oppostion (as well
as so many others) is because we want to insure the survival of our state groups
as well as any or all national or international groups.

If you go ahead with this, you will certainly harm the people, you claim to want
to help (taxidermists across this country). States will lose members and some
of the bigger ones in the face of losing members, will certainly decide that their
own survival is paramount and will elect to drop their NTA affliation, thus helping
to lessen the national importance, your group so desires.

How important of a voice will the NTA have in Washington, if the states with the
largest memberships don't support you?

So again Mike, I'll gladly join your NTA, as soon as you and the NTA drop this
100% mandate, before if harms us all.

You Guys Need to Go Back And Read...

This response submitted by George on 1/9/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

The very first post about this from a week ago. Richard Christoforo added some interesting remarks and from what I see here, I have to agree with him.

Charles, I'm not sure where you're coming from. You are cynical and seem to enjoy "putting people in their place" as you did the young guy. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE is FORCING you to do anything. What part of that don't you understand? All I see is you telling us what you've done and how important you are. I'm an NRA member, but whether I'm active in ANYTHING is for self satisfaction, not for adulation. I keep hearing how many are going to quit. Well QUIT. The NTA averages nearly 33% turnover each and every year. Taxidermist are a SMALL special interest group that will never match the NRA or PeTA, but that doesn't mean we can't tithe to causes we believe in. Whatever happens,"I will never be one of those timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat".

Charles, I was WRONG

This response submitted by George on 1/9/01. ( )

It WAS NOT YOU who wrote what I referred to. I am sorry for that mistake but the commentary was so similar that someone of my age could be easily confused.

George, is that REALLY you?

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/9/01. ( )

What part of mandatory isnt forcing? Damn, I must be way dumber then even my wife tells me I am. The solution to me is very simple. The NTA should just work at uniting willing taxidermists. Not ALL taxidermists are anti-social, anti-rule types. They (the NTA) should be sympathetic to the troubles of trying to bring together the taxidermists at the state level. And finally, they should be willing to JUST oversee the method we judge competitions, certification, etc, and not try to be the lobbying force that they arent large enough to be. We can take that portion of money and donate to a larger org, like SCI or NRA, etc.

Its Ok George..

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 1/10/01. ( Marl4570@aol.com )

Thats Ok George, as soon as I read your response I figured there was a missunderstanding.
If I have sounded as though I was or have been tooting my own horn I apologize. This is and never has been my intention, I just wish people would stop fighting and turn thier energy toward a better cause.
Charles Gossett

Auction money

This response submitted by Richard Gensch on 1/10/01. ( buckhorntaxric@aol.com )

I may be wrong but this money that was spent on state ballot issueswas raised at the convention auctions for various hunts fishing trips ect...Just another point to ponder.Good Day, Rich

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