Free taxidermy lessons, yep free!

Submitted by John C on 1/10/01. ( )

Richards right, I will take my glove and ball and go away

Yox is a good person, even though he is not a NTA member. Richard is too, but darned he was a founder of the NTA.

I had the pleasure of knowing some of our state assocaition founders too. Many of these people are dear to my heart. Many whom are not members are also dear to me.

If you dont join its not a big thing, you are more likley dead wood anyway.

In any club, outfit or what ever there are workers and then there are the ride alongs, they jump in take credit when things are good, they fricken baleout when the water is a little ruff.

I ask you to make a conviction, do it from your heart, do it becuase someone has helped you in the past, either help out or shut up. Having been President of a state association, I know its hard to please everone all the time, wiether you like it or not, that is called POLITCS. Not the ass sucking buddy system which things can fall to. Here is what I believe, I beleive the NTA is good, there needs to be some changes, but I dont know how to change them.

If you need personel help on something taxidermy wise and e-mail me with your NTA number I will help you. If you are not a member dont e-mail me with a problem.

I am willing and have on more than one occasion taken someone into my shop and done the work for them on their mount to show them the correct way or at lest the way I know I can fix it.

IT dam well stops today!


If you are a beginner I will help you only if you are a member of your state association and you will have 30 days to join the NTA. I will draw every three months from applications for one free day in my shop. You pay for tavel and food to get here.

Let a nonmember walk in and ask for help from now on and I will put a foot so far up their kester they will have Kiwi breath for a week.

To appy for a free day, I want a two page report on "WHY YOU WANT TO BE A TAXIDERMIST." No double spacing 550 words count.

I will pick who most impresses me. Man woman or child, white, black, red blue I dont care. On ething I feel I have the right to do this, you must speak english, you are now in America, english is still out national language.

JOhn C

P.S.the 118 in my e-mail address is my LIFETIME NTA NUMBER

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Great Idea John

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 1/10/01. ( )

Maybe you can send the winning entry to Breakthrough so all can see. Maybe it will rekindle the flame in some old eyes (I know I need it from time to time). Everyone said they wanted more benefits, well, here ya go...... Maybe this will be the start. I wish I was talented enough to offer the same thing.
Dave Toms

dead wood

This response submitted by nta on 1/10/01. ( )

john you could have done this good deed without badmouthing people

step up and be a man ,let us remember you as a good taxidermist and not a

good ider

This response submitted by RW on 1/10/01. ( )

for free sheets, id join the KKK, but when i was in and see that thay call all the Germans, Jews and blacks: trash I'd quit. just my opinion give them reasons why to stay in, not hate and reasons, thay dont, want to be around that kind of people


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This response submitted by Fernando Neves on 1/10/01. ( )

John C. When you are trash! You talk trash. You can put your views across pleople,this is a free country,BUT when you start talking trash about people,regardless of your views pro or against NTA,YOU make an ASS are of Yourself.By the way I'm a member of the NTA,but I am 1oo% against when someone tells me,,,You have to do or else.The NTA as a lot of talented people,and they should look for a different aproach to gather 100% state afiliation.
JOHN C. Get a good night sleep before you open your mouth next Time.
Yours friendly Fernando Neves

Me no so good enlgish

This response submitted by Leon on 1/11/01. ( )

me NTA member but me no english yet, so me no free lesons uhh so sad. me very bad, me no learn english fast, my bad sorry


Get up on the other side of the bed

This response submitted by NG on 1/11/01. ( )

Good Lord! You sure made an ass of yourself. Ya know..My hats off to the NTA, and any one who is a member, but there are some dang or should I say damn good taxidermist, who arent. I do this thing called taxidermy, because it helps pay the bills, but above all..I love it. Ive been doin it for a good many years now, and all of my customers are more than satisified. Guess what though..Im not a member of the NTA. I have nothing against it, but I just choose not to be a member. For you to bad mouth a person because they are not a member, just shows a true lack of character on your part. If there is anyway I could help someone out, whether the were a NTA member or not; wouldnt matter. Next time think before you speak. Oh yeah, aint this forum made for helping each other out, or for people to toot their own horn? I think its for help. NG

NG, have you ever competed in a show?

This response submitted by John C on 1/11/01. ( )

HAve you ever used a technique passed down through a show?

One of my points is to show that when we all get together we can accomplish things. 100,000 member would surly have more pull in Washington than 2500, dont you agree?

What I was doing is showing that yes it cost us money to go to the shows, but then we are able to better satisfie our customers needs, produce a higher end product, and increase or in many cases establish a net profit, not just make wages.

See I know my work is just mid line, I am not to the level I want to be, just like a Dressage rider, I keep practicing and learning along the way.

The shows are for learning, either in seminars, through competition or standing in the lobby or eating dinner talking shop.

I have helped many people that have walked in off the street to get started, to get a better foundation so they will not struggle and make the same mistakes you and I have.

I am just asking you that if you want to come on over to my shop for help that you give something to the INDUSTRY, Not me, the industry, Give it part of what you stick in your pocket, maybe classified and INSURANCE for the FUTUUURE. If we dont give something back now, we may not have a future as taxidermist.

We have seen England take guns away, Canada and Austrailia. How would you like to live in Germany/Austria/Switzerland were if you are not rich you WILL NOT HUNT.

I offer these lessons on a very flexible base, just give to the INDUSTRY a little of what you take from IT.

I would have responded privatly to you NG but with this, I think it will clear up some questions.

To Fernando, I think we have our problem solved, read your e-mail please.

Sincerly John C

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