can you amke me a contract

Submitted by Matt Mitchell on 1/10/01. ( )

yes i am wondering if anyone has a cantract made up and would let me use theirs the words that is and if you could could you tell me what i need in it.

thank you

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This response submitted by jim marsico on 1/13/01. ( )

Matt Ive found over the years that the old saying that a contract is only as good as the persons who sign it is true. Lawyers can get OJ off and they can make mince meat of any contract anyone can come up with. I have no contract on my invoices I just note things like promised in apx. 10 months or cape has scar over left eye, etc. Knock on wood for me; year 30 full time and no major problems with not having a long contract. Do nice work, get it done as promised etc. and dont worry about it. It works for me. Also whats NOT said can be IMPLIED in standard business practices within your field or line of work. What you dont say or write cannt be used to judge you. What you do can be. Some shops have long contracts and feel they need to, I guess if thats you, get one.

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