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Submitted by Mark Wilson on 1/10/01. ( )

Dear NTA members, as an NTA board member, and the newly appointed membership chairperson I would like to take this opportunity to ask any NTA members who have concerns to personally contact me via my e-mail address, Several new programs will be initiated at the February 2001 board meeting, and I welcome any constructive input from our membership. The NTA respects all taxidermists regardless of their opinions or affiliations. Our focus is on the positive aspects of our art, and on defending our rights to hunt, fish and practice taxidermy. Nominnations are currently being accepted for the upcoming election, so if you would like to see change in the NTA leadership please nominate an NTA member who will accept the nomination and who will work for the good of all taxidermists. Nothing has ever been created or built via negative thoughts or action. It is only when we focus on the positive that we create something of value and use. Please contact NTA headquarters for information on the nomination requirements. In your e-mails to me please include your full name, NTA number, phone number and the State you reside in. I will do my best to contact you as soon as possible. May God bless all taxidermists and associations, regardless of their affiliation, and may each and every one of you have a great 2001.
Sincerely, Mark Wilson

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NTA member

This response submitted by Rick on 1/10/01. ( )

I have , in the past, supported the NTA and have been a member. I was proud to be part of the organization. Our country was founded on freedom of choice and I am offended at the idea that the NTA would use it's leverage via competitions and judging in an effort to force membership. I believe many Americans, as a whole, will reject this idea since it imposes on the very freedoms that we have fought and died for in the past. Personally, I'm holding out on my renewal to see what develops. I know our state organization is holding out to the last minute in an effort to see if your decision changes it's tone. I guess it all boils down to the old adage: "You can attract more flies with sugar than with vinegar".
Oh, I'm in Missouri but am at work and don't have my NTA # here. My ph. # is 660-429-4115. Thanks.

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This response submitted by Mark Wilson on 1/11/01. ( )

Rick, thank you for your input. Check your e-mail, I will reply to you there.
Best wishes, Mark Wilson

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This response submitted by Mark Wilson on 1/11/01. ( )

Rick, the e-mail I sent you was returned. I will try it again later. Just to confirm, your e-mail address is If it is different please let me know.

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