Dust control

Submitted by Scott on 1/12/01. ( )

Does anybody do anything to control dust in thier shop? (beside dusting...)

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Dust Control

This response submitted by Chad on 1/13/01. ( w_chad@hotmail.com )

Dont you just love it when you put down that box on the table or floor and then have that large cloud of dust rush up into your face. Your eyes begin to water and then the sneezing starts. Oh yea its wonderful!. Anyway about the only way I have found is to clean, clean, clean. Mainly after you finish for the day take a few minutes to wipe down the tables and work area. When it gets to bad I even take a damp mop and mop the walls. If anyone else has any better ideas let me know!

Chad (w_chad@hotmail.com)

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