I've Caught A Cold -- Help!

Submitted by Woody on 1/13/01. ( wc55@hemc.net )

Earlier this week I exchanged e-mails with a fellow Taxidermist on this board. I now have a virus. It came as a separate email and since I was expecting his answer I opened it. Now, how do I get rid of it? I have the McAfee Virus Scan but it does not show the virus?

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See "Virus Alert" in For Sale

This response submitted by Damon on 1/13/01. ( GEngel039@aol.com )

section of Taxidermy.net, there is info on one, maybe the one you got?


This response submitted by Christoforo on 1/13/01. ( )

I just got my computer back from the repair shop a week or so ago . They told me i had 4 viruses in it. The one that finished the computer off came in on Christmas day when i opened a "fairwell to Clintin" e-mail from a taxidermist in PA. It made everything come up in Spanish, it was the "Navidad" virus. Two others i got from another famous taxidermist and ex board member from PA, i forgot the virus names. The forth was from Montana, again via E-mail. I was told it was hiding out in my computer waiting for a certin date and time to go off, but i think the navidad killed the computer before it could go off. I know another taxidermist that got a bad virus from the same person in PA.It seems like PA is virus central for the taxidermist.
I to had McAfee, but the repair shop said it wasn't strong enough or updated and put in a more powerful one. The first day back i got e-mail from the guy in Montana and the McAfee caught it, thank god. I notified him and he's getting his machine fixed, haven't heard from him yet.
Please explain to all us dummies about this virus stuff. I'd like to know. Maybe a seminar at the World and Nationals.

You can take precautions

This response submitted by Marty on 1/13/01. ( )

but unless you scan every attachment that comes in, update your antivirus software daily and live on the edge of paranoia every time you are on the computer you'll probably get one sooner or later. And even with these precautions new virus's can get in before Mcafee or Norton can block them with updates. Here are some guidelines that I follow that at least put the odds a little bit in your favor:

1. Have and UPDATE REGULARLY antivirus software. Read their instructions on how to use them.
2. Don't open any emails with attachments from somebody you don't know. Either run a virus scan on your email account or save the attachment to disk and run the virus scan to that.
3. Don't open anything with attachments from people you DO KNOW with funky or unusual topics. If you're really paranoid don't open any attachments at all w/o running your virus scan software.
4. Get a CD burner and backup ALL your system stuff and important documents, etc. once every month or two (depending on what and how much you do, you may wish to do this sooner or later than 1 or 2 months) I also backup whatever I'm working on on a daily basis if it's something that's taken me more than a couple of hours to do (floppies or an Iomega zip drive is cheap/good).

Lastly, I'll check the Mcafee and Symantec (Norton) websites occassionally just to see what new virus's and worms the "sickos" have come up with now. They offer good advice and suggestions to combat this crap.

Hopefully this information is helpful. I don't possess the taxidermy talent of a Bill Yox or some of the other regulars but I like to make some good contributions to this website once in awhile and I can "hack" away at a computer with the best of them (hackers)... "Hackcomputerist" not to be confused with "Hackadermist" (ha!)

P.S. I do understand that there are worms now that don't even need to be an attachment to infest your computer. And, keep in mind that most of these are just searching address books in folks email for your address. So, the person "it came from" really didn't send it so try not to get upset with them... Run backups often is my best advice!

Virus help

This response submitted by Scott on 1/13/01. ( )

I saw this in an earlier post, and decided to check it out.
My computer had started doing some strange things but still
worked. (most of the time) I found I did have a virus and the
only way to cure it was to delete the infected files. It
took about 10 minutes to download the free software and they
gave step-by-step instructions on how to fix things.



This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/13/01. ( )

Please let me know who you are so that I can be sure to never p*ss you off! You could be scary, with my very limited puter sense! Kidding aside, thanks Marty, and feel free to explain this stuff in more detail when ever you feel so moved!


This response submitted by Marty on 1/14/01. ( meshimkus@home.com )

Too late Bill - you've already p*ssed me off in the past! Just kidding of course. These days you definitely want to clarify this sarcasm stuff as folks can't see that I'm laughing right now. Especially reading some of the previous posts - you embarrassment you! (again, just kidding)

As far as computers go, I'm just a hacker I'm no expert. I do have several friends that are I.T. professionals though that I've learned a little bit from. I'm sure I'm going to crash my "puter"" (it's funny, that's the way my young 'uns say it!) one of these days from poking around and not having a clue what I'm getting into.

And, as far as virus's go, I have no idea how these culprits generate this cr*p! The only virus I know anything about is "The Honor System Virus" Which (obviously by the name) works on the honor system:

1. Please email these instructions to as many friends as possible now
2. Please format or delete everything off your hard drive
3. You now have the "Honor System Virus"!

(Disclaimer: for you "extremely computerly challenged" folks, the above virus is just a joke, only a joke and mean't as fun. Please do not delete everything off your hard drive because it will be gone!)


This response submitted by Mike B on 1/15/01. ( mbush@accm.org )

Do you know how to get rid of a troj.mtx virus? The only instructions I can find tell me I need to delete the files that are infected then restore them. My proplem is my computer only came with a full restore disk, and the way I understand it I will lose everything on my computer if I use it. I can't send any email untill I fix this. The virus also prevents you from going to most of the antivirus sites!

Mike, Mike, Mike...

This response submitted by marty on 1/15/01. ( meshimkus@home.com )

I told you guys I'm no expert - just a hacker. To the best of my knowledge though (which is vast - ha!) You've got a doosie. I know you don't want to hear this but their are several versions of the worm or "virus" that you've possibly inherited. Since you can't download the updates you may wish to try accessing the Symantec or McaFee websites for info on how to manually kill these puppies. Unfortunately, depending on how far along it is you may have to reformat things... But I digress, try: www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w95.mtx.html this explains the mtx worm and how to manually kill it. If you can't get to this info on your machine or it's too involved, try going to somebody else's machine and download the necessary updates if possible (finding somebody with the same antivirus software would be another option). Lastly, call the local computer store. Explain to them your symptoms and I'll bet they may even cut you a floppy with the necessary updates. If all else fails, if you've got a CD burner you can start saving everything. Then you can try your restore disks and reinstall everything. Then, AFTER UPDATING YOUR ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE. Scan the CD's with the old info on them for infected files - zap them and load all else that you need. Good Luck and keep your email to yourself!

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