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I have never been to a competition. I am planning to attend the Connecticut show in Holyoke, MA. June 1-3, 2001. I have been wondering what the feed bag situation is at these events. Are there vendors that one can purchase a fix from, and if so, what kind of food, and how expensive? Are you expected to pack your own lunch, or drive somewhere to find a restaurant?

I am especially curious about The Worlds, as I would LOVE to attend, but would be on a poor man's budget. I expect there would be a caterer for the awards banquet, but I am curious as to how the rest of the days are handled. Sometimes hotels have it set up that 2 meals per day are included in the price of your room. Probably not the case here. Any insight would be appreciated.

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that was a nicey.

No feedbag required

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You are going to have the Best Learning Experience ever attending your 1st Taxidermy Convention and Hopefully you would attend others.You will make new friends learn and share Taxidermy methods and Tips.Put in some of your mounts and go for 1st Place.
If you're doing something wrong you will be given the proper techniques on how to correct and better yourself.Now about Food
Like any other Hotel accomodations,You should Call and reserve your room in advance and ask whats included (Breakfast etc).I attended my First Convention with my son and we drove in and we ate out for lunch.
Sometimes Fast food or ate in the hotel.You have Time to put some money aside till June 1st.If you don't think you can afford to eat at the hotel then eat out at local fast foods (McD's,Chinese Food)or order Pizza etc from your Room.I guarantee that you Will definitely have Fun and learn alot and make friends. Good Luck and Let me know how it went. Pete Tebar/Tebar Taxidermy
PS.Don't forget to enter something you mounted.

Lorrie, this is a somewhat strange industry

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My Professional meeting you attend do supply a brealfast bar and juice assortment. and some cold cuts for lunch with coffee, tea or soft drinks.

No this one, seldom will you find a hosted hosptaility hour. Once in a while but not often.

Take your cooler and buy some lunch items and maybe a hot plate.

Good luck John C

Oinker Oinker!

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Muncher obligeterated er 2 U2 kind Sirs! :-)

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