Thanks To Kevin Perry and the Michigan Association

Submitted by Patrick Rummans on 1/15/01. ( )

I wanted to publicly thank Kevin Perry and the Michigan Taxidermy Association for their understanding concerning my inability to attend their show to Judge as planned this coming March. Circumstances on my end came about that make it difficult for me to attend. Even though this possibility was discussed at the beginning between myself and Kevin, it still put him and the Michigan association in an awkward position, and for that, I apoligize. Fortunately, Mr. Paul Czarnecki was available to take my place and save the day - Thanks Paul!
I sincerely regret not being able to attend, and hope that another opportunity arises that allows me to do so.


Patrick Rummans

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Pat , what the heck

This response submitted by Paul B aka Pescado on 1/15/01. ( )

do I do with all the cases of MOLSON CANADIAN I purchased , I hate too drink alone :(

maybe next year

Another notation...

This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 1/15/01. ( )

on my long list of regrets Pescado! I'm sorry I won't be there for that either - perhaps you could send a case to my shop and I could keep it cold until we have a chance to get together? :>)


Let me see.........

This response submitted by Terry Vining on 1/15/01. ( )

A Bird guy and a Fish guy sitting around drinking Canadian Beer. Nope not a good idea at all. I have witnessed the fish gay do his fire danc. It was a good thing I was there to put him out.LOL

Fish Gay?

This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 1/15/01. ( )

Can a fish be Gay? Or is that some sort of happy trout festival? Or perhaps a really REALLY funny typo!

Cheers Terry! :>)

add me to the list

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/15/01. ( )

of guys who like Mr Perry, Paul, and his beer.

Beer and B.S. aint bad but...

This response submitted by Mark C on 1/16/01. ( ) guy's are missing out on all the real fun. The Steelhead are almost alway's at the peak of their run during the show, right outside the side door. Best fishing around.

I guess........

This response submitted by Paul B on 1/16/01. ( )

I'll just have to load the MOLSON in the back of the van when I go to springfield in April (should last that long). maybey we can have a tailgate party in the parking lot of the Crowne Plaza, might even be able to talk one of them "Southern Boys" (previos post) into bringing his BBQ pit.

Paul B not fish gay

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