Jonas Bros. looking to hire taxidermist

Submitted by Bob @ Jonas on 1/15/01. ( )

I am looking for a good taxidermist full time to join the crew here in Broomfield Co.
must be competent, and detail oriented with plenty of experience.
African experience not necessary, but would be nice.
N.A. is a must.
please contact me personally for details on the job. by e- mail, or phone

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still hiring?

This response submitted by Scott on 2/12/01. ( )

Hi Bob
I just found this web site last week so I might be to late
I,ve been working for a taxidermist in NH for about a year now,I also belong to the Connecticut Assoc. of Taxidermist.Unfortunatly we can not agree on a full time pay scale. I just posted a ad in the training section of this site.If Jonas is still looking or you know of someonee who is,Please e mail me!
Thanks for your time
Scott Berrnaert
27 Paige Hill RD
Goffstown NH 03045

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