Anybody Ever Feel This Way?

Submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/15/01. ( )

Anybody ever loose the excitement for taxidermy and feel burned out? I specialize in fish and have plenty of business. I've even won lots of awards, but lately I really have to push myself to produce.

It's not like I'm too cheap. I probably get more per inch than anyone in my state. So I'm not overworked with too little pay.

Any suggestions? Am I just lazy?

Cecil Baird

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Take a vacation

This response submitted by Victor on 1/15/01. ( )

Sounds like you are a little burned out. Maybe you need a vacations which is totaly unrelated to taxidermy and maybe even hunting/fishing? We all need a break sometime.

Just like any job

This response submitted by marty on 1/15/01. ( )

you've got to keep challenged and keep growing. If you don't you're done for. Sure, a vacation will break up the monotony of the same ol - same ol. But that's just buying you some time. If you've been doing this for years sounds like you're ready for a change. And if you've accomplished all your goals in Taxidermy then start pusuing your goals in some other areas in or outside of Taxidermy. What about teaching Taxidermy? Or judging? Or whatever YOU want to do? I'm not saying to quit your Taxidermy business and pursue your career as a professional race car driver or anything like that. Continue doing the Taxidermy as it pays the bills. But, pursue something else that interests you in your free time. Raise your prices again to create more free time if you have to. It doesn't matter what you do in life but once you stagnate you're a goner. Maybe I'm getting too deep here but I think everybody should write down their goals in life. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10? 20? Once you determine where you want to be then you can come up with a plan to get there (no this isn't an Amway presentation!) Good luck Cecil and feel free to pursue your racing career - just send your customers MY way (lol)!

Beautiful Answer Marty

This response submitted by George on 1/15/01. ( )

I went through the same phase when I "specialized" in small game years ago. Vacations were OK for the first few days and then it was aguilt trip of having to go back to the drudgery. That's when I decided that I'd never again "specialized". When I'm sick and fed up with doing 10 or 12 bass, I go to a bear, a deer, antelope, muskrat, snake, or make antler mounts. Anything to change my tunnel vision. And I don't have to feel guilt, because I'm still producing work. Then in a few days, the fish don't look so bad anymore and I can finish them up. I don't know if that's of interest to you Cecil, but Marty sure offered some other venues that would work as well. Those of you who haven't felt like Cecil does haven't been here long enough. I think we all go through it.

Cecil, Levallee has been at this for over 50 years. Now he butchers moose, sells acrylic domes and bug spray to go along with his fish specializing. Looks like you need to just "expand your portfolio". LOL You'll make out just fine.

me too

This response submitted by deer woman on 1/15/01. ( )

I feel less and less like doing taxidermy sometimes, then I kinda get back into it when I remind myself that I do excellent work on most animals, just by standing back and looking at the latest mount. Lately, hacks aren't even bothering me, as I am too obsessed with trapping anything with fur and impressing myself with my first season catches( so far- 3 fox,3 coon,1 possum, 1 mink).Then I brag about to whover will listen.Not too many women trapping.

lets go fishing

This response submitted by Elmer on 1/15/01. ( )

Cecil I,m in Berrien Springs a little north of you when ever you want give me a call the steelhead are in the river and the big walleyes are in you have to work for those but nothing better than drifting a fly or a wobble glow on a noodle rod to relax. Invitation is open any time.

When I'm feeling bored...

This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 1/15/01. ( )

My business partner Larry Jensen and I often find ourselves in a similar situation Cecil, like your other friends have already posted here, it's all a matter of making a change. When Larry and I feel that things are becoming tedious, and it's all we can do to even open the door to the shop, we have a naked day. Yep! Taxidermy in the nude, while sometimes hazardous, is just the ticket to lift us out of that rut! Walk-ins presented a problem until we made it mandatory for everyone that walked through the door to dis-robe whilst viewing the seemed to make everyone more at ease. Just a friendly hint though - be really carefull closing those waist high cabinets and drawers! Not to spill any beans, but thank the Lord that Larry has already fathered all the children he wants! Yikes! Talk about unsightly swelling! he was in a sling for a week!

uh Patrick...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/15/01. ( )

Didnt you mean KNEE high? hahahaha!

Cecil,pick up something else....

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 1/16/01. ( )

Hi Cecil,I would pick up a hobby unrelated to taxidermy, hunting or fishing. I have a Muscle car that I work on when I get a little bored. Restoring Cars was a big hobby before I got into taxidermy 100%. Maybe Photography or something else you have thought about or did at a younger age.
I know exactly how you feel. I was a Machinist for 13yrs and believe me I was beyond burned out. You cannot wrap your life up in one thing without experiencing this. Now the only problem is getting the time to do something else..LOL..
Charles Gossett

Eye of the beholden...

This response submitted by Lorrie on 1/16/01. ( )

Patrick and Larry... You guys ARE BAD! Hee Hee Hee! :)


This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 1/16/01. ( )

doing so much fish. I agree with George you need a change of pace in the shop. I always wondered if I would specialize in a certain area. But I really put some thought in it and said day in day out is that what I really want? Nope, so I take it all. I break it up, usually it's monthly, or twice a month. But whatever I pick I really don't want to get burned out. I rather enjoy work then hate it. Been there done that.

yell first

This response submitted by gill on 1/16/01. ( )

Im going to yell in the door to see what kind of day you guys are having, before I come in.
Cecil think about taking another job. then we realise we have it pretty good. vacation sounds like a good answer.

Cecil not enough play, really

This response submitted by John C on 1/16/01. ( )

Ok guys and gals, it burn out, plain and simple. That old 6-7 day a week thing 12-18 hours per day.

You and your mind need time to expand, a simple vacation will help but do something else on the weekends is even better, hunt, fish, is ok but then again it is s related subject.

I have horses, show them too, sail (not lately of course) last year we sailed on weekends and won almost every race, to include the frostbite series. While you are on these items they take your mind completly off taxidermy. Stopping the dulldrum of burnout.

Good luck John C

Hey John C!

This response submitted by Patrick Rummans on 1/16/01. ( )

I don't know John C.....I've found that it's very difficult to think of ANYTHING else when I'm naked in the shop. It's inexpensive, I don't have to drive anywhere, and it's allowed me to see a whole new side of Larry. Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like a 50 year old man doing the river dance in the nude to take your mind of TBC (Taxidermy Bordom Syndrome). Oh - Larry just said to tell you he's selling videos If I can stop laughing long enough to actually film it....



Patrick, I tried that this afternoon.

This response submitted by John C on 1/16/01. ( )

Wow doe that bench grinder hurt aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You sure notice the little things it the shop, I think I need more heat toooo. Should have seen the guy after his deerhead, I told him it was the new me. Ahy try it Patrick is right. It sure was a fast afternoon.

Thanks for all the kind advice, but...

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/16/01. ( )

Thanks for all the kind advice but think I'll pass on the nude thing. I just don't have the guts, and I have a very big dog that comes up to my waist level. Her idea of playing is biting things, UH!

One time I ripped one, and got bit in the butt. I do a lot of that, so getting bit in the butt in the nude would be more painful.

Actually part of the problem is I have so many others things that seem a lot more fun to do.

I think I'll use some of your ideas.




Betcha haven't tried this,Cecil

This response submitted by CHUCK on 1/16/01. ( )

I am a hobbiholic. There I said it.When I was young(er)I used to put together some pretty detailed model cars.That sort of segued to taxidermy-stinky glues,paint,etc. But I think the best long term project I had by myself was when I built a 15 1/2 ft cedar strip canoe.What a year it was - I helped a guy build one and immediately went home to start on my own.Figure out your needs -speed ? stability? touring? or racing? All it took was as few as minutes or as long as hours-it seemed to relax me and all stress went away. As it came to completion the shades of tans changed.I started applying the fiberglass on the hull and a few layers later it looked like a finished hardwood floor.The colors seemed to jump out of the wood-deep browns,honey's,reddish tones.The best time was when we (my family)christened her 3 yrs ago a club lake. Club members came from all over to see it and ask about it.
So you see ,Cecil, just a little time to your self each day can make a big difference on how you cope with burnout. Trust me -it works!


This response submitted by Lorrie on 1/17/01. ( )



Sit Uboo Sit!



This response submitted by Whoopie... on 1/18/01. ( )


That was actually me, but let's just blame it on that dog of yours... OK?

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