Embarrasing trouble maker Bill Yox

Submitted by Len on 1/16/01. ( Taxidermy@mediaone.net )

Let me tell you all something about Bill Yox. I have only met the man one time in person. I can not express enough how kind and patient he is. When we met, we kinda got off on the wrong foot. He was teaching a seminar at the Michigan Taxidermist Convention and i had gotten up at 3:30 that morning to drive to the convention and wouldnt ya know it, Bill's seminar was first thing in the morning. To make a long Story short i sorta dozed off in the front row. Well Bill woke me up without too much embarrasment and to keep me awake allowed me to help him with his form altering seminar. I dont have to tell you what a rush it was to be just starting out and getting to work with Bill Yox.(will be telling my grandkids this story)Bill was available all weekend and i must have seemed like a real pest. I asked him so many questions. I picked his brain more than he picks his nose. not once did he make me feel like a bother. I just want everyone to know how lucky we are to have him here. He has made my learning experience in taxidermy wonderful. I am not even sure if he remembers me, but im glad i got to meet him. There is one thing i should warn you about Bill though. He has a thing for pocket knives. My knife is somewhere in New York now, if ya know what i mean.LOL
Bill, all kidding aside, I thank you, and i hope you are still enjoying that knife.

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to set the record straight

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 1/16/01. ( )

Len wasnt really too much of a bother in my seminar, but I have to clear the air here. Len failed to tell you a few things, so here goes. Len doesnt just fall asleep in the front row, he lays down across the whole front row, hes a good sized guy. To make matters worse, he prefers to sleep "natural", if you know what I mean...Oh, and Len, I dont have a thing for knives, you just didnt have a stapler, so I figured the knife was a pretty solid second choice that day. Seriously, Len, I really like going to Michigan, and hope to make it three times, soon. Thanks for the nice words.

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This response submitted by Elmer on 1/16/01. ( Topstaxidermy@aol.com )

Don,t let your head inflaTE TOO MUCH BILL BUT LEN IS RIGHT
Isat through you or rather worked through you hands on seminar I,ll let you know how I do at this year competion but I definatly learned alot in two day and a LOL time too. Would love to see you come back and do a seminar on Bears. Talk to you later Bill.

No more balloons for MY kids...

This response submitted by Leanna on 1/17/01. ( )

Have you ever seen a fuzzy balloon? Sorry, just the image I can't shake since Elmer mentioned Bills inflated head. LOL. Now THATS embarassing! Good thing some of us love you Yox! Oh, and Len, will you be sleepy at the World Show?!

Bill Yox

This response submitted by Charles Gossett on 1/19/01. ( Marl4570@aol.com )

I think people need to get a sense of humor. Every time I see a post referring to Bill as being mean or what ever I have to say get a life.
Yes, Bill is at times sarcastic but I have never seen him just belittle anyone, he just has a great sense of humor. There are those on this list that do IMO try and make someone feel small but Bill is not one.
He has answered any and all questions I have ever asked and yes some with humor. I consider him a great guy and a good friend.
Charles Gossett

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