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Submitted by Ron on 1/16/01. ( )

Does anyone know where I can buy 3 lb density urethane foam in a 10 gallon kit? I found a place in Florida that has foam for $175.00 for a 10 gallon kit plus $30.50 shipping to Penna. that's where I am from, but they only have 2 and 4 lb density. I really like using 3 lb density. I use the foam for base making and form alterations. Buying foam from taxidermy supply companies for around $60.00 for a 2 gallon kit is to expensive.

Thanks Ron

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This response submitted by Brian on 1/17/01. ( gina_ess@bellsouth.net )

Hey Ron
What's the name of that place in florida?Thanks


This response submitted by Dave on 1/17/01. ( dblank8150@aol.com )

Ron email me I may have a lead. Dave

Jameson Company LTD.

This response submitted by Cecil Baird on 1/17/01. ( )


I don't know where you are located, but there is a company in Michigan that specializes in Polyurethane Molding Foam. Last I knew they were a member of the NTA. Their phone for orders only is 800-424-9989. Another phone number is (616) 684-4451. Their address is:

Jameson Company LTD
200 Terminal Road
Niles, MI 49120

Their add says they custom make formulations specifically for taxidermy, they have very competitive prices, their foam is in stock at all times, and they have rigid and flexible 1:1 Ration systems.

I bought some a while back and I was happy with it.


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